I have recently been diagnosed borderline type 2 diabetic. I need to lose a little weight and watch my sugar and carb intake in a hope to reverse the diagnosis. Does anyone know if it would be safe to use Huel

Huel is suitable for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. As with all food, if you’re using medication to help control your diabetes you should structure your intake of Huel appropriately. If you have any queries, we advise you to consult your doctor or diabetes specialist nurse.

Huel is certainly low is sugar.

Apparently the key according to recent findings is reducing fat in the liver, several people have reversed Type 2 diabetes


If you were going to follow a 600 calorie per day diet I wouldn’t use Huel as I’ve been told its been formulated for exact levels over 2000 calories per day. If you were going to use it I’d probably use it as a 1200/1600 calorie per day diet with a protein and multivitamin supplement and exercise regime (lean muscle gaining) but I’m no expert on this and while I’d suggest something like that for someone in prediabetes I’d research Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Michael Mosley and research the Newcastle dietary experiments.

Many thanks Julian

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Thank you Peter. I intend to use Huel for breakfast and lunch and eat a low carb meal at dinner time, totalling 1200 calories or a little less and I am already a huge fan of Michael Mosley but I will look at your suggested research with Dr Hyman thank you

Also I forgot to add along with the Newcastle studies there is something called the newcastle diet to go along with that research. I really can’t emphasise the addition of muscle building exercise to any long term regime, lose weight while adding a few pounds of muscle will reinforce and compound any caloric deficit along with a multitude of other postive effects including blood sugar regulation.

The other one for which I’d really recommend turning the critical factor up to high is this:


Nice talk on nutrition. There seems to be so much crap out there regarding nutrition (woo as they call it) and so many self proclaimed experts I can really only suggest always taking everything with a pinch of salt, figuratively speaking lol, because I think for every genuine fact you hear there is probably someone even like me posting another 4 bullshit facts.

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Many thanks Peter, I do appreciate it.

i thought the Newcastle diet was 6 bottles of Newcastle Brown and a kebab on the way home (best enjoyed while wearing just a t-shirt in the depths of winter). Learn something new ever day.