Pre Diabetes

Hello, I’ve been watching my sugar levels since I’ve been diagnosed as a pre diabetic a few years ago. My A1C has been under control now even before I started with Huel. Haven’t checked it yet since I’ve started with Huel only 4 weeks ago.

I’ve been reading a lot here and elsewhere about Huel and diabetics, and whether the carbs intake (47g) and fats (16g) are good or bad for you, but with contradictory information. And I’m utterly confused.

Is Huel good or bad for pre-diabetics and diabetics? Can anyone answer conclusively?


Hi there, this is a response from @JamesCollier :

Huel is suitable for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. It is based on oats and is high in fibre. As with all food, if you’re using medication to help control your diabetes you should structure your intake of Huel appropriately. Indeed, Huel is low in sugar, has a low GI of 27 and you can accurately measure the amount of carbohydrates you’re consuming in each meal; this may be useful depending on what medication or insulin regimen you’re following.

The carbs in Huel are complex carbs which ties in well with Diabetes UK recommendations:

For diabetics who count their carbs to help manage their blood glucose levels as detailed on the Diabetes UK website:

But like with all conditions, everyone is different. There’s no saying whether this perfect advice for you specifically and it would be best to contact your doctor for advice around Huel.