Diabetic Question

Hi Huel Team
Please could you tell me if Huel would be a good choice for diabetics.
I was thinking that the Black edition might be good? I am not diabetic myself but a friend of mine was interested after I had been singing the praises of my lovely shakes.
Many thanks.

Here’s an old thread about it, and in fact there are a few others. This one is quite comprehensive.

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The thread @hunzas shared should be a comprehensive explanation for Huel and Diabetes. I hope you find this helpful.

But just so you’re aware Huel products can be suitable food options if you have diabetes (type 1 and type 2). The product you choose is up to you, your requirements, and your preferences!

Generally, you want to be aware of the carbohydrates per serving and adjust accordingly to ensure you are consuming an appropriate amount of carbohydrates depending on what your needs are at any point (or meal) during the day. And if you’re using medication to help control your diabetes, be sure you structure your intake of Huel appropriately, as well.

Thank you for the information. I have passed this on to my work colleague. :blush:

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I am type 1 and find Huel hugely useful for managing my blood glucose levels. Primarily the convenience of knowing the exact carbs and therefore the correct insulin dose to give. It is difficult to explain the strain that constantly considering ones food/drink intake has but Huel takes a little of that stress.


Hey Steph, nice to see you back. It can be such a struggle to manage type 1 diabetes so I’m glad that Huel can help in some small way.

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I’ve nothing but good to say about Huel Black in managing diabetes. I wrote a brag-post earlier this year about my then most recent Hba1c: Diabetes (type 2) brag

My diet and drugs have stayed the same throughout this year, and I saw Dr HIV a couple of weeks ago to find out that my Hba1c is still under 30.