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I have type 2 diabetes and at 120 kilos classed morbidly obese. Ive been told to get my weight down to 87 kilos by my specialist and Huel sounds a great way to do it. Do you know how it is in regards to blood sugar levels? I assume it would provide me with everything i need but i am worried it might not keep blood sugar levels even. Any advice hugely appreciated

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I’m type 2 also and I’ve not had any adverse reaction from Huel at all, in fact my sugar level is pretty much normal. Huel doesn’t have maltodextrin which will spike the blood sugar and is something to watch out for. You should be okay but check your blood to be sure.


Thank you so much for your reply. Its very helpful and i think im going to give a go.

Hi Bryce

The oats used in Huel are (see here for an explanation). Also, the fats in Huel will further lower the GI.

Huel should have no adverse reactions on your blood sugars: indeed, regular servings may help maintain even levels. I do urge you to check your BMs regularly when you’re initially using Huel though.

Are you on any medication for your diabetes?

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Hi James,

Sorry about late response but i have been away. Yes, i take Metformin 3 times a day.

I guess i will just need to monitor my bloods

Thanks for the reply

Hi David,

Glad you are getting on so well with Huel. Hope it’s ok to link to this post on facebook etc, to let other people who are type 2 diabetic know about Huel.


Sophie Rust
Marketing Assistant,

Hi Bryce

Sorry for my delay: I too have been away.

With Metformin, I would certainly check your bloods, but Huel should be of benefit. As you lose weight, don’t forget your calorific requirements will change and this may have an effect on your Metformin. I’d suggest regular check-ups with your doctor or diabetes specialist nurse.


Well now, my curiosity is piqued by this! I am also type 2, but as well as metformin, I also use a slow acting insulin once a day (levemir) and fast acting insulin 3 times daily before each meal (novorapid) - so, I guess I’m wanting to check that this would be ok for me?

I have type 2 diabetes and on a plethora of medications (slow release metformin, gliclazide, ramipril, statins, novomix twice a day and another insulin twice a day, plus an anti depressant once a day). My weight is 118kg and I’m 6,4" tall, fat is 39%.

I have only been taking Heul at lunch times but have found it has stabilised my blood glucose and given me more energy. I’m planning on moving to using heul for both lunch and dinner, to see how this changes my blood glucose. I also take a casein protein before bed to help keep my glucose level through the night. I fast from 11pm to 13pm, which also helps.

Prior to heul my blood glucose level was around 20 units but since taking heul it is down to the normal range of between 5 and 10. This has made such a difference to my mood and daily ability. I do have to watch out for hypo’s more now, where as before I was having hyper’s all the time but that will change once I reduce my insulin levels.

I love my heul and as I said am going to try using for two meals a day to see if it can help balance my evening glucose reading. I’m not sure about everyone else but I take readings 7 times a day.


Hey everyone! I know its an old post but Its wortht to ask here instead of creating new topic.

I have type 1 diabetes for over 22 years (im 34 yo) currently running on insulin pump and creon 25000 (my pancreas does not produce insulin and digestive enzymes)

Im not even a week on huel (Black Vanila, Banana and Strawberry & Cream) and i already reduced my insulin intake by nearly 15%. I replaced my breakfast and lunch with shakes.

Problem Ive got now is the edjustement with my Creon. Not sure how to approach the subject thb as with solid food is easier to “guess” when I have new food. Any ideas anyone?


@Tim_Huel will now give you a spanking. He’s not a fan of reviving necrothreads.

Hi @jacobmfrancis

Great to hear that Huel Black Edition has meant you can reduce your insulin.

I’m not clued up these days with how to adjust Creon (indeed, massive disclaimer: it was over 20 years ago when I was in my NHS dietetic career that I last had to consider Creon when providing dietary advice!). It’s around 2 x 25000 per 400kcal meal which is one BE serving. However, BE, as well as being high in protein, also has a reasonable amount of fat. My concern is that two might lead to some steatorrhoea (fat malabsorption with oily stools). How have you monitored the dosage of Creon previously? It seems that using it with Huel should be monitored in a similar way. Huel Black is higher in protein and fat and lower in carbs, and so have a Creon dose that you would have with a similar meal.

The best advice is to ask your specialist clinician.

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Hey James

Thank You for respond. Sad to say but I did not know about 2x 2500 per 400kcal. Ill check that for sure. Im on Creon for over 2 years now and I do adjust it myself. I started with 2 creon with each serving now and see how my body react. On top of that Im waiting for appointment with my diabetes nurse and hopefuly with dietitian. :v:t2: