Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’m wondering if someone could help me because I’m bad at any kind of maths…
I use myfitnesspal and want to get it as accurate as possible so I need to know the nutritional profile of having 2 scoops, does anyone know? thanks a lot :slight_smile:


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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Which version?

new and improved vanilla

New and improved vanilla nutritional profile. Unit of measurement is grams unless stated otherwise

Per 100g Per 2 scoops
Energy(kJ) 1680 1276.8
Energy(kCal) 400 304
Fat 13.1 9.96
-of which saturates 2.3 1.75
-of which monounsaturates 2.7 2.05
-of which polyunsaturates 7.4 5.62
Carbohydrates 37.1 28.2
-of which sugars 1.2 0.912
Fibre 7.7 5.85
Protein 29.5 22.42
Salt 0.7 0.53

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

I recently added the correct values for Huel v 2.3 on to MyFitnessPal.

Just search for Huel v 2.3 and it should come up. I set the default for 100g of Huel (400cal), so when you add it just put the serving size as .77 and that’ll be right for ya. x

Note: My version is correct and is the one that says “Huel v2.3 - Nutritionally Complete Food” on the app.