Huel Per Scoop

Hi guys. I’m starting Huel tomorrow. I know a million people have asked this, but I still haven’t found the answer I need.

How many calories, protein, carbs and fat are in ONE scoop of original vanilla flavor?


Here’s some screen grabs from MyFitnessPal for both v2.2 Huel Vanilla & Unflavoured. Standard 38g serving, hope this helps.

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A scoop is on average 38g.

u/Coup has got this spot on.

Each scoop of Huel will weigh around 38grams so you can work out how many calories,protein and carbs etc. are in it by dividing down from the nutritional profile of Huel which you can either find on the back of the pouch or here -

MyFitness App is a great way of doing this though and u/MrHuGEs looks like he’s got it pretty bang on!

Do yourself a favour and buy a digital scale (a tenner at Amazon). Measuring by volume is a pain and introduces (for me) way too wide a margin of error…

Have a look at Nutrition info spreadsheet.