How many scoops for nutritional information on the website?

The guide for nutritional information on the huel website says

"Unflavoured & Unsweetened v2.3

Serving size: 123g x 4 meals per day or 98g x 5 meals per day"

Rather than in grams can anyone calculate how many scoops a day this refers to?

One scoop is approx 38g…so divide those figures by 38 and you will get the amount in scoops. simple. 3.2368421953 scooops and 2.578947364 scoops per meal. Then x by 4 or 5 to get figures per day.

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But divide which figures? Where do the 123g and 98g figures come from?

Ah…you obviously didnt get i was joking. Hope you didnt try measuring a precise 3.2368blah scoops

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A level scoop is approx 150 calories. Just work it out from that.

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The nutritional information comes from ~ 492 grams of Huel, which is 4 x 123g Huel shakes, or 5 x 98g Huel shakes - or 4 x 3.2368421953 scoops and 5 x 2.578947364 scoops respectively

I only use the scoop as a convenient way to transfer powder to shaker as scoops of powder can vary a fair bit. I wouldn’t be without my trusty Salter digital scales.

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If you’re looking for precision then get the scales out. However if you just want to scoop and go, 3 level scoops is a good starting point and works out at ~450kcal

There’s no such thing as a 38g, 50g, 400kcal scoop, you can get more in there if you want and less too. It’s based on an average. In this case, 123g = 500kcal of Unflavoured Huel.