How many scoops is a meal?

I am new in Huel,

The bags say 28 meals.
This means if I just wanna replace lunch, it will last me 28 days taking 3 scoops per day??
Or a meal is considered to be 2 scoops?? or 4??


I believe each “meal” is calculated as approximately 3 scoops. So 1 week = 28 meals = 4 small meals each day (12 scoops total per day).

Hi there, welcome to the Huel family and to the forum!

When we say a ‘meal’, we mean 500kcal, this is about 125g of Huel Vanilla.

The scoop is really just a means of getting your Huel efficiently out of the pouch and isn’t an accurate way of measuring your Huel consumption - if accuracy is what you are after. If you are very enthusiastic with your scoops then you will scoop more out and visa versa! We estimate that each scoop is approximately 38g or 152kcal (3.3 x 38g scoops).

However, a meal is a much or as little as you want! If you want to eat 200kcal of Huel or 1000kcal of Huel in one sitting then you can! That’s one of the great things about Huel, it gives you the ability to monitor your calorie consumption very accurately.

I hope this helps, if you have any other questions then fire away.

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Same question here, I am new in huel (and finally I am loving it, version 2.1 is not as sweet as before), but the question is if I am only in Huel, and I want to get the 100% of the nutrition recommendations how much huel should I have?:

  • 3 Scoops, 3 times per day?
  • 4 Scoops, 3 times per Day?

It is a bit confusing.

I am talking about nutrition not about calories.

Many thanks.

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For 100% you need 2000kcals worth.

If 1 scoop (approx. 38g) is approx. 152kcals then that means you’ll need approx. 13 scoops a day.

5 + 4 + 4 = 13
5 + 5 + 3 = 13
4 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 13
13 = 13

if I am not 100% in huel, I mean I am taken another source of calories, what about the vitamins, how do I reach 100% of vitamins/nutrients with huel?



Every big bag of huel has 28 meals, how many scoops are those? (number of scoops and times per day)

My answer was in reply to the question of how to reach 100% of vitamins/nutrients with Huel: consume 2000kcal of Huel (approx. 13 scoops worth) in a day.

Huel bags are ~1.75kg. TWO Huel bags Contain ~14,000kcal. Which is ~92 scoops. Huel advertises that this is ~28 meals based on the idea that ‘meal’ is 500kcal. 500kcal would be 125g of Huel, i.e. 3.3 scoops worth.

Well let’s just do maths.

According to the information printed in the bag if you want to get 100% of the nutrients recommended by the guidelines you have to eat 500g of huel per day (considering that you want to stay 100% on huel).

  • if you want to split it in 3 meals as most of the normal people do with the normal food that means that you have to eat 500g/3meals = 167g. per meal or 4.5 scoops per meal.

So I will consider that 167g of huel is a meal.

  • If you order 45£, you will get 1750gx2bags = 3500g of huel.

  • which means that you are getting 21 real meals (3500g of huel / 167g per meal).

  • And the cost per meal would be 45£/21meals = 2.14£ per meal which is pretty much the same as their competitors.

Am I right?.

So really for an average male needing approx 2,500 kcals per day we would need about 5 scoops per meal? is this correct?

In terms of nutrition with 2000kcals of Huel we are covered, but if you want just to put more kcals on you, you can either to eat more Huel Or Have it from another source…

To calculate how much calories you need there is a link in this forum in which you introduce some data and you’ll get your needs, just search for it in the forum

Guys if this helps I have just finished my first bag.
I am replacing 1 meal per day 3 scoops and I’ve got 16 meals from 1 bag.

According to nutritionists lunch should be 30% of the calories (around 400/500) you should consume in the recommended total for your body.

% Kcal per day
breakfast 25 %
before lunch - 10%
Lunch - 30%
Snack - 15 %
Dinner - 20%

André Ramos

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Thanks Andre, could you edit the post with a reference? Would love to read more about this :slight_smile:

I run into so many different people and studies that give different opinions, from “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” to “the best way to lose weight is to skip breakfast, because you’ll be less hungry at lunch time” and the truth is, people differ.

I know some people who, if they skip breakfast, are RAVENOUSLY hungry and eat way more at lunch and for the rest of the day. I’m in the latter camp, if I eat breakfast, it just reminds my stomach that it’s hungry. The later I wait to have breakfast, the less I eat overall…

So really, I’d take any list of how many calories you “should” eat with each meal with a grain of salt. Figure out the number of calories you want to aim for throughout the day and just consume them however works best for you.

For me personally it doesn’t seem to matter. I am someone who for many years never ate breakfast (apart from when at friends’ houses or in hotels etc., and the occasional vegan fry-up on a Sunday. And I also took a late lunch. So I would often not eat until 2 or 3 pm. However it meant that I would have an evening meal at say 8pm…and go to bed around midnight. I had a pretty constant ( and slightly heavy weight). When Huel came along I decided to change the breakfast thing, and regularly have Huel for breakfast anywhere between 8am and 10.30am, as well as Huel for lunch around 1pm to 3pm, and evening meal around 7pm. I have done that for over 2 years and my weight still remained constant and slightly heavy.

Anyway, I decided in mid-July that I actually wanted to lose weight, and I changed my regime. For a couple of weeks I didn’t have Huel at all, and had one meal a day - around 6pm. It was a decent sized meal and included a small dessert. All healthy stuff…The weight started coming off quickly…I was hungry for a couple of days. After a couple of weeks, I then introduced Huel again - for lunch - and tweaked my evening meal slightly. Weight still coming down.

For past 2 weeks I am having 3 meals a day. All of them are powdered Huel, no bars or granola and nothing else. The weight is still coming down. I was aiming for 4 meals a day, but 3 is sufficient. Although I wasn’t massively overweight I am now the lightest I have been for over 20 years, and also feel more energetic.

So it seems in my case, it is as for most people, amount of calories in versus out, not when you eat them, as you pretty much said in your summing up.