Help with Huel portions per day?

5 feet 4 inches tall
130-140 pounds (I haven’t weighed myself in a while)

I’m having trouble working out how much huel I would have to buy to last me a month if I used it to replace breakfast and lunch every day, since I don’t know how many scoops I would need per meal to get two-thirds of my daily nutritional needs (I’m trying to lose weight at 1lb a week, consuming 1,120 calories per day)

My questions are
-How much huel should I buy for a month to cover two meals a day
-How many scoops would I need to use for each meal?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, 2 and a half scoops per meal is about what you want. Not much point going more precise that half scoops. That is about 760 calories for the 2 meals leaving you 360 calories. is great if you want to play around with the numbers.

That would be using 190g of Huel a day, so a 1.71kg bag would last 9 days.

So 3 bags might last you February but most months you’d use a bit more than that.

In reality Huel lasts for a long time so once you have tried it you might as well buy the max bags you can, click the recurring order and save as much money as you can. The reorder system is on an honour basis, you can change any details at any time and you are going to use the Huel anyway. Hope that helps.


To replace Breakfast and Lunch I have

50g drink (Breakfast 200cal)
100g (Lunch 400 cal)
Plenty of water and a sensible dinner

Im a 5’9 Male , 14 stone 2.

Thanks for your help!

If I were to fully replace 3 meals a day with huel at 2.5 scoops per meal would you say 4 bags a month would last or would I be using closer to 5?

Pretty much spot on 5

But … buy a trial amount to make sure it’s for you. Start off on one meal a day.