112 meals? how many calories per meal

How many scoops is that per meal as in how many calories do Huel consider a ‘meal’ in itself as I would realistically like to make it last 8 weeks.

also everybody in my gym says its a bad idea.

One level scoop of Huel is 38g = 156 calories (vanilla); 161 calories (unflavoured/unsweetened), a small snack size (a packet of Walkers regular size crisps is 130 calories)

Two level scoops of Huel is 76g = 312 calories (vanilla); 321 calories (unflavoured/unsweetened), a reasonable snack size (a Mars bar is 260 calories).

Three level scoops of Huel is 114g = 467 calories (vanilla); 482 calories (unflavoured/unsweetened), a small meal (a Tesco Chicken and Bacon Sandwich is 445 calories)

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Change your gym! :grin:


Ignore the people in your gym.

You just do you!

Or you can fib and say its a pre-workout or protein shake, they seem to be oddly in favour of those. Hypocrisy.


Cheers for replies I think people are scared of new things even my “nutritionist” brother said " we didnt evolve to eat powder" to which i replied “we didnt evolve to fly either or drive”

So if i have two lots of 3 scoops a day how long would the 112 meal option last me?

I wonder if your brother thinks we evolved to eat bread (powdered grain) or ‘eat’ soup (liquid). All too easy to be dismissive and you’re absolutely correct, it is fear of the unknown.

I would, in all honesty, get some digital scales and base your measures as exact as possible rather than relying on scoops.

112 meal option is 8 bags, 1 bag is 1.71kg so total weight 13.68kg (13680g)

6 scoops (2 lots, 3 scoops) is 228g so 13680g / 228g = 60 days.

Hope that helps

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Excellent response!

Some people seem to have this automatic disliking for anything they don’t consider “real food”. But they don’t realise that we are living in a very man-made artificial world anyway. Almost everything we use and consume has been either invented or interfered with in some way.

We didn’t evolve to use computers, phones, or even electricity.

Powdered food and even supplements, they are just nutrition technology.

Another great response.

I fail to see how milling flour and backing into bread, or cutting up ingredients and cooking them in a recipe, is any more natural than mixing powdered food with water.

We also didn’t evolve to take prescription drugs.

We probably didn’t even evolve to survive much beyond the age of 30. That’s old enough to reproduce and raise your child to reproduction age. We’re only here because our ancestors didn’t die before they managed to reproduce. That’s it! That’s all evolution is. The ones that didn’t die.

But we can make life better for ourselves…

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Hi @James_Swift - your brother might find this article interesting.

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I have ordered 56 meals so hopefully should last me a month to try it out, I’m going to be saving money regardless because I used to smoke weed and eat crisps chocolate sweets and junk all the time so for me its not going to be “expensive” at all.

I honestly cannot wait to start my sustainable journey and its all thanks to your genius’s and your hard work to make this I cant say I will never eat chicken again but I dont think it will be hard having this in my stomach.

Also going back to the gym I overheard one of the instructors (who’s quite well chissled) talking to another about seeing a blog about this guy eating pizzas and shit but staying in his caloric goal and doing fine and he was very confused by the concept saying “but how is he not putting on loads of fat eating crap” (we all know less calories means fat loss more means gains) it was nice hearing somebody who should know his stuff getting confused on such a basic concept and reinforced my understanding that Huel is as great as you say (and to ignore what ignorant people say)

I’m currently around 30% body fat and want to eventually get to 10% over a year or so with added intense weight training using intermittent fasting (which has made me feel great already and more in control)

I shall keep everybody who wants to see updated I only wish I was healthy enough to do the year challenge hey maybe I will anyway.

Again thank you all.

This huel tastes bloody great not too sweet at all like everybody’s saying.

Just received my first Huel order today, so please forgive any ignorance! I have looked for this answer but haven’t found it:

How many calories are in three scoops of Vanilla Huel (standard version) plus a teaspoon of Cacao flavour system? I will mix the Huel powder and flavour with water.

Much obliged for a definitive answer. My ‘Let’s get started’ book says 456 cals for the vanilla Huel, but some of the info above doesn’t gel with this and I appreciate that the formula may have changed slightly. Also need to add in the caloric value of a reasonable serving of flavour system.

Thanks guys!