Very inactive wheelchair user

I have muscular dystrophy and use a wheelchair full time, so the amount of calories I burn per day are minimal.I am very over weight and I really want to lose weight so my question is can I use huel to fill me up during the day and control my calorie intake? anyone have a low Cal diet (1000-1500) that’s mostly huel?

any help or tips would be truly appreciated


3x 100g meals of huel will give you about 1500cals. Quite a few users manage that. Overcoming hunger may be an initial issue if you are overweight. Drink lots of water…and avoid snacking on rubbish.

Most days I eat nothing but Huel at 1500 kcals. (3 shakes 125 grams each) it works fine. I’m at roughly 1000 below my TDEE so hunger is there sometimes but it’s manageable for me.

TL;DR Yes it will be good for you

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thank you guys for taking the time to answer my question

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From memory a 3 scoop meal is approx 450 calories and is also approx 110-115g, so pretty close to what Squizzle suggests. Don’t think Huzzas’ figures are correct.

Probably best to check elsewhere on the site & confirm the figures yourself.

Having said that, a scoop can vary a lot in how much powder it actually contains…is the powder aerated, have you compacted it etc. So if accuracy is important, then weighng is going to be the way to go.

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for taking the time to post, it’s great to have you here. Hopefully you’ll find loads of useful information to help you out.

1500kcal of Huel is 375g.
If your scoop is a perfect 38g then that’s just under 10 scoops/day. We don’t recommend diving straight into 100% since it’s quite a big change for your body. A couple of Huel meals and one healthy traditional meal might be the best approach for you. Huel is really filling, but such a stark change in diet can present cravings rather than actual hunger.

Hope this helps! Look forward to hearing how you progress :slight_smile:

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I’ll place an order next week and see how it goes :slight_smile: I’ll start off as you recommended and post an update after my first week

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just received my first order :slight_smile: I’ll check back in a week with any questions i may have

Hey, this is really great information.

OK so I had my first huel meal :+1:

I didn’t put the cap on the drinking spout properly so I covered half my kitchen in huel when i shook it up :frowning_face: second time around I secured the cap and gave a good shake but it was really lumpy so I transferred it to my bulletblender and it came out lump free :smiley:

the smell, taste and texture is very… Unique shall we say and its going to take some time to get used to it. Its weird to feel full from a drink though

I used 2 38g scoops with 380ml water which I think comes in at 300 calories. Does anyone know how many calories 2 38g scoops will be if I used 380ml of almond milk instead of water?


2 scoops of vanilla Huel plus 380ml almond breeze unsweetened almond milk is 354kcal

(380ml of the almond milk is 48kcal)

Hope that helps!

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that helped a lot thank you

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I had a 100% huel day today just to see what’s its like. it feels so damn strange to be at the end of the day having not eaten anything but not be hungry

I have the feeling like there is something I forgot to do its so strange. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

That’s a really good way to describe it.

I’m not hungry. But it’s time for food.

This is exactly what I feel at the end of the day! Great description!