Requesting guidance - New to Huel

Hello All

I have just got a Huel. I am very happy with the taste and texture of my drinks.

My current TDEE is 2850 calories per day (factoring in 3-5 days of exercise).

I need to lose weight (as my BMI is overweight). According to the TDEE calculator, I should have 2351 calories per day to lose 0.5 kg per week.

I am requesting guidance for the Huel community to know, how much maximum intake of Huel I can have per day?

Also, on the packaging and website, it is recommended to add two scoops (100g / 400 Cal); can this be increased to three scoops (150g / 600 Cal) to reach my calorie goal.

Your feedback and guidance will be very much appreciated.

Yep, that is the standard but they made it to make it to lower the meal price. But 400kcal is a light meal. My Huels are at least 500kcal but you can make it as big as you want.

There are no maximum recommendations but my personal recommendation is to slowly increase the Huel in your diet until you reach a level in which your are confortable. For example, I dont like Huel as my dinner and I have traditional food, eggs, tomato nuts, but I always have Huel as my lunch or breakfast if i am in a hurry.
Maybe your sweet spot is 1 meal per day, maybe is 2 big meals…

Other recommendation, Huel is low in salt, if you are going to exercise, try to add a pinch of salt to every Huel

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If you wanted you could have Huel for all your daily meal requirements in which case you could have 4 125g meals a day to reach around 2350 cals a day.

I wouldn’t leap in and do that tho. Have one meal a day for a few days, then if you adjust ok 2 for a few days etc. if you are not used to good fibre intake it can take a while for your insides to settle down.

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4*125g is 500g of Huel, which is 2000 kcal, not 2350 kcal.

Just trying to help them lose weight more quickly.

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Losing weight is hard. If the caloric deficit is too large, people won’t stick to any diet.

If they can just get through the first weeks it becomes easier.

Thank you very much guys.

I am used to taking the shakes for meal (Herbalife).

Theoritically, if I split 2351 cal into four meals 587.75 cal per meal - I should be taking three scoops (150 g) per meal.

Is this okay to pursue?

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That is OK to pursue, but as I said earlier - don’t just jump into it - ease yourself in over a week or so to avoid stomach probs.

You may find that a large amount of Huel to consume over a day too. I know I did when I was 100% Huel.

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Have you noticed any difference between Herbalife and Huel?

It is too early to decide.
But Huel definitely feels more filling! :slight_smile: