How much huel should i take?

from what i cant work out 3 scoops 4 times a day would be equal to 1824 calories a day
Would this be right if I wanted to go full huel and loose weight?

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Depends on how many calories you actually need in a day. If I ate that many I would probably maintain not lose much weight…even tho I am moderately active most days

Check on here to give you an idea on calories

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Also if I make huel at night, is it okay to leave to drink through out the next day? :sweat_smile: thanks

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It actually tastes way better when refrigerated overnight. It’ll be good the next day :slight_smile:

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Be sure to check out our Guide to Fat loss. There’s not just one set amount for everyone to lose weight. We’re all different. A calorie deficit of 500kcal per day is a recommended safe and maintainable way to lose weight.

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Maintain at 1800~ when youre moderately active? That sounds off, unless youre very short and/or thin… whats your tdee?

My TDEE is 2380…but if I ate that many calories I would put on weight.

I guess TDEEs are a guide, not 100% accurate for everyone.

Yeah I suppose so. I tend to stick with my BMR and the (little) I exercise is my deficit. Seems to work so far :grimacing:

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Another thing in my case is that for a couple of years, due to various injuries my exercise was pretty negligible too, and also I started working from home, so that didn’t help, but I got back into it a bit more in past 6 months. You would think that may have kick started something, but it obviously hasn’t.

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Surely your TDEE isn’t that if it’d make you gain weight? :thinking:

I meant according to aTDEE calculator, not IRL. There is a discrepancy between the two. I think my metabolism is quite sluggish.

Ahhh okay got you! My bad.