How many calories should I be consuming for weight loss with Huel?

I would like to lose a little bit of weight before my wedding in May. I am currently having one Huel (3 scoops) a day. At first it suppressed my appetite so I wasn’t snacking, but now its not and I find myself always hungry!

How do I calculate the amount of calories I should be having in a day? I read somewhere that for weight loss with Huel, that I need to calculate my TDEE and then take away 500 calories? Is that correct?

Many thanks!

Regardless of whether you are talking about Huel or solid fuels, a pound of fat roughly equates to 3500 calories. This means if you consume 500 calories a day less than your maintenance calories, you would lose a pound a week.

Use a BMR calculator like this to find your maintenance calories.

It’s worth noting that your BMR doesn’t take into consideration any activity, so any calories burned during the day would also need to be taken into consideration.

Edit: sorry, I just noticed you mentioned TDEE. This is a good way of estimating calories used, rather than going the BMR route (which doesn’t take into account calories burned through any activity).