Need advice on Huel for just replacing lunch

Hi there

I am on Huel just replacing lunch in the weekdays. My main reason for using it is for IBS, convenience for the work day lunches, and also if in the long-term if I loose a few pounds that would be great. :grinning:

I don’t want to start calorie counting (it might spark old food issues!) and ideally I just want to introduce it smoothly as possible into my day. So far I love it, I don’t have 4pm slumps, it takes the hassle out of choosing and planning lunch for work.

I am using 3 scoops in a shake, with half a teaspoon of flavour. As far as the literature says, this is 500 cals or so.

My question is, is that accurate? Is that too much for a lunch? I feel I’m full but I am a little worried that it might make me put on weight or bulky…



Assuming a calorie requirement of 2000 per day, split across 3 meals, 500 calories for lunch is ideal, if you feel full and it lasts you til your evening meal you could drop the portion size a little and lose weight.

It sounds about right. It depends what you were eating for lunch before, but a sandwich, snack and drink plus 4pm nibble would probably have been 500 calories or more.

Huel is pretty dense and I find it makes me much fuller than if I’d had a normal lunch of salad or sandwich despite the calories working out about the same.

Hiya! Yeah, seconding what Kay said: it’s odd because Huel makes you feel so much fuller for the same amount of calories… so at least for me, the level of fullness I’ve been conditioned to associate with “500kcal” makes Huel feel like at least 1000kcal xD but rest assured that it isn’t the Huel making you gain weight if anything, since that’s the most precise measurements we’re getting.

Oh but if you’re concerned that the Huel is too much/too little, you may want to use a food scale instead of relying on the scoops: I’ve found that each scoop can vary in weight quite a bit.

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