New and need some advice

Hi everyone,

Hopefully you can help, can you use this as a meal replacement for day one or two meals a day?

Also any idea many calories does one of these meals has?



Hi Jon,
It’s actually a meal replacement product.
3scoops gives you about 450kcal.
On there site is al the explanation you need.

Yes, for one meal a day, or for two meals per day, or for all of your daily intake.

The number of calories depends how much of it you eat, like any food. A lot of people do three scoops per meal, which is about 450kcal.
I usually have only 2 scoops which is 300kcal but I have 4-5 of those per day and sometimes another meal on top.

I have 2 meals of Huel a day
Each is 300ml water with 2 scoops (personally 3 scoops is a bit much)
And a normal meal.
sometimes I go100% Huel and all 3 meals are Huel (maybe 4 if I’m really hungry)
Seems quite a calorie drop… but it works for me !

Will be having my annual blood test shortly, and all my levels were good last year… I’m hoping they will be as good if not better this time around :+1: