Huel bags don't last a month/28 days?

Hey guys –

New Huel user, with two Huel meals a day (2x three scoops).

I’m very surprised to find that, nine days into it, that my Huel powder bag is almost empty. I thought the subscription plan is built around a bag lasting a 2x daily user 28 days? Or have I missed something?

Each scoop is “level” – I dig into the powder, then shake the scoop until any heap/mound has gone. This means the scoop isn’t even 100% full most of the time.

A bag is 1.75kg. A level scoop 38g. One bag is approximately 46 scoops, so with four scoops a day, it’s 11 days.

Always better to weigh than rely on scoops.

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There’s around 15 three scoop meals to a bag. One bag will therefore last around a week if you’re having two huel meals a day.

If one bag lasted a whole month that would be incredibly cheap nutrition!

I think it’s actually meant to be 28 meals within two bags, so 14 meals in one bag.
Obviously it depends a lot on exactly how much you use per meal - everyone will different. But if you have 2 x 500 calorie meals per day, one bag will last one week.

Or, one meal a day for 28 days if you buy the minimum two bags.


I apologise because I didn’t explain properly in my first post, and made an error.

Let me try again. Ultimately, I think the way Huel handles the introductory subscription is deceptive. Here’s why.

  1. If you take out a subscription of powder, the website pre-selects two bags, costing a little over £40 here in the UK. It says this will repeat every 28 days. So, it’s not unnatural for somebody to think that two bags will last 28 days. There’s nothing saying that this order won’t last more than two weeks if you use the Huel in the way described in (2) below.

  2. The Huel instructions everywhere say that most people replace two meals each day with Huel, and also say that three scoops per serving is a good way forward. If you do this, 1 bag = 1 week. So, half-way into your subscription you will run out.

They also state to start with only replacing one meal a day. In which case a bag would last two weeks.

Plus at the bottom of the order page it shows 28 meals/14000 calories on a two bag order. If you change the number of bags these numbers update, so 4 bags becomes 56 meals/28000 calories.

Not sure how much clearer they can make it.


The website pre-selects two bags because that is the minimum order quantity if you just place an order for powder. The website selects a 4 week cycle period because that is the most common. It seems you have assumed 2 bags will therefore last 4 weeks.

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You can alter your subscription to whatever frequency you want. Defaulting to every 4 weeks makes sense as most people only replace one meal a day to start with.

You can also edit the number of bags you want depending on how many meals or calories you want, which is shown clearly at the bottom of the page above the cost total, along with the price per meal.

Like @Liath points out, they can’t make it much clearer.

Anyway, it’s next day delivery so if you run out faster than you thought, just put another order in or change your subscription next delivery date and you’ll have it tomorrow. Problem solved!

They could have a website calculator that shows how long a bag lasts if you decide to have two meal replacements a day at 3 scoops per meal (as advised pretty much everywhere). That would be clearer. They could add some Javscript on the order page to say that, if you use Huel as described on their website, the two bags won’t last for the subscription period. I can honestly keep going. There are many ways to make it clearer.

So, I disagree here, and it’s probably best to leave it at that. This forum is called Feedback and my hope was that somebody from Huel might read this. I wasn’t looking for a fight.

No-ones trying to fight!
Every one has posted here trying to help by explaining the scoops / calories / meals per bag.
The forum is for huel customers to share their experiences with each other and ask for help.
I thought that’s what you were doing - asking for help to understand why your one bag didn’t last a month of 6 scoops a day.
And we all tried to help as much as possible. We are fellow customers though, so we can give you the numbers but we can’t change the website for you.

If you want to provide feedback directly to HueI customer services you can email them at - they are pretty good and will take your feedback on board and maybe make changes or at the very least get back to you. Bear in mind it’s the weekend though and they will have a backlog by Monday morning so you won’t get an immediate response. It usually takes them 2-5 days to respond. Sometimes faster.


Ooh I had no idea that app existed. It’s on iOS too so I’m going to try it out.

Thanks for this suggesting Randolph!

We don’t really advertise specifically how much Huel you should have per day/week. This is because everyone is different so may have a different sized Huel meal and quantity each week. E.g. only work lunches and not the weekend.

We give a suggested serving size of 500kcal and on the “About Us” Page of the website say "What percentage of your diet will be Huel? -

This is entirely up to you. Probably the most popular approach is to replace time-pressured weekday meals like breakfast and lunch, then sit down for a traditional meal in the evening. This gives you the best of both worlds.
But you can also use Huel as a snack"

On that page we also include a table to work out how much you are using and on the product page give the number of meals and calories for your order.


And for anyone else on iOS

Huel Calculator by Linda Nordstrom


It’s a good app ive had it for a while on android.

Also am i to assume it was made my @LindaNordstrom

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