Doubt about meals

Hello,I’m new in Huel.I tried Huel received as a sample and I really enjoyed it. I’m trying to eat healthier and losing weight,going 3 times per week to gym.I just realized that with the 14,000kcal option you actually receive 2 bags.
If 100gr is 400kcal so around 3 spoons (about a 500kcal meal) and I would Huel just once a day (100gr) will those two begs give me around 35 shakes?
So does it last a month using it just 1xday (100gr)?

There is 3.5kg of Huel in 2 bags. If you eat 100g a day it will last 35 days.

2.6 spoons approx 100mg 400kcal
3 spoons 114gr, 150kcalories
3 and 1/4 spoons 125grs 500 kcal

if you eat 100gr a day you will be eating 400kcal
you will have 35 meals of 100gr