How much?

Newbie…My weight is escalating for a number of reasons and its time to shed it, i have difficulty with conventional food and im considering going 100% Huel… can anybody advise on how much Huel i need to buy ? and how many meals i need per day ?

For a start just buy 2 bags (minimum quantity) cos you may not like it.

Maybe buy one vanilla and on unflavoured to try different combinations. Maybe get a flavour set.

Don’t just eat Huel (at least not straight away). Most people just replace a couple of meals with Huel. Personally I eat it for breakfast and lunch.

One meal is around 100 grams or 3 scoops and equates to about 500 calories. Two meals is 1000 calories; so depending on your calorie required intake you may need “normal” food of 1000 to 1500 calories. Drink more water and do more exercise if you don’t do much; try it for a couple of weeks; if you aren’t losing weight eat less, if you are losing too much…eat more. Everyone is different.


Nice reply. I am completely agree

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Each gram is 4kcal :slight_smile:

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Ah, well vanilla is 503 yet unflavoured is 513