Starting out

Hi, I am just starting out using huel and just need some clarification, I will be using huel to substitute my food during the daytime, having read the enclosed instructions it looks to me like I will be needing two huel meals a day, is there enough huel in the 2 packs of huel supplied to last 28 days if I have two each day.

No, two packs of Huel is approx 28 meals. So 2 meals a day and it would last 2 weeks.

It depends on your portion sizes. The 28 meals is assuming you’re having a 500 cal meal. If your meals are larger you’ll need more Huel, if they are smaller, you’ll need less. 2 meals a day = 60 meals on an average month so unless your meals are less than 250 cals, you’ll need more for a months supply.

That said, I’d advise you buy the 28 meal pack and see how you get on, if you find you like the change in lifestlye, order another pack after a week or so and then work on your order plan from there

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