New to huel, might work

Loving this stuff is vegan, trying to go huel only for a week, is that doable? the two bags that came for a weeks supply seemed like it would last two weeks…

it’ll only last two weeks if you consume just 1,000 calories a day which is less than your body needs to survive and be in any way healthy.

You’re probably going to need at least 2,000 calories a day.

Have a look at the label on the packet and it’ll show you how much to have.

I’m aiming at 1500

Okay, that’s very low - it’s a starvation diet.

What’s your height, weight, age and biological gender, if you don’t mind me asking?

And how active are you?

The two bags give you enough for 2000 a day for 7 days.

1.7kg bag is 17 meals at 100g, which is 400cals a meal.

I’m 19St 5.5ft i am very active, and thisnkast week I was running two miles and walking three a day. I lasted a week and had some left in the bag. Prefer huel thinner. In seven days have gained two pounds.

Not sure how I managed that. I did a juice fast a few months back and lost 5 lbs in same time…