Weight loss/low cal diet purchase guide

Hi all,

Looking to start Huel this month, however not sure about my first purchase.

Two bags every four weeks claims to be 28 means, but if on low cal diet (ideally a 500cal deficit) could I split this and double the number of meals? Would this be enough?

Many thanks


A meal is counted as 500 kcal. So if you were to eat 250 kcal, it’s twice as many

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2 scoops is roughly 300 and a bit calories
So if you had 2 scoops instead of 3 … lower calories and lasts a bit longer :+1:

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My two bags lasted three weeks. Three scoops with 500ml water, one medium banana, one tsp of peanut butter and ice whizzed in a blender. Two a day at around 600 calories each. I can have 1725 calories per day according to the counter link on the main Huel site. I work in a doctors surgery and there is a plentiful supply of crisps and biscuits freely available. So I can eat them counting as I go (I just note the calories in my daily diary).

It works for me. It does not feel like a diet, I can eat mostly what I like and I am losing weight. 5 Weeks in and my clothes are definitely looser. My pull-up trousers nearly fell off last week! I am choosing not to use scales to track the loss. They scream diet.

I find Huel very filling especially the breakfast one. Sometimes I take it to work and sip throughout the morning. That way I can pass on the crisps and biscuits! I tend to pass on an evening meal. I just count in some fruit. I feel full on Huel.

Thats great thankyou very much! :slight_smile: