How long will it last?

Apologies if this has already been asked!!

I bought a 6 week subscription and received 3 bags. I was panning on using Huel as 2 meal replacements a day - will the packs last 6 weeks or will it be 3 weeks?


That does depend on your portion size (how many scoops) and how many calories you’re replacing.

Vash beat me to it …
How many scoops (heaped or flat? … I prefer flat)
How many meals are you replacing?
How many of these replacement meals are you having a day ??
Any additional ‘snack’ huel drinks ?

Lots of variables

Thanks for your replies!!

I have no idea!

Was looking to use it to replace lunch and my dinner! No idea about scoops (would be level).

If it helps I weight 15st and looking to lose 2 st

As everyone varies in their intake of huel

My personal levels are 2 scoops in 300ml water
If I’m 100% huel it’s 5+ times a day
If I’m having a ‘real meal’ it’s 3-4 times a day dependent on gym / exercise / dog walk / any other activity
Sometimes a little less / more depending on how my body feels
Shaken vigorously and gulped down quickly
Not sure how many scoops per bag… but as it’s normally next working day delivery I’m not worried about running low !!!

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One tip … don’t get fixated on ‘I must loose X amount’ or weighing yourself daily etc etc
Bodies fluctuate a lot and water / mood / bodily functions may loose or gain a few lbs in 24 hours!
Look at it long term …
You will notice the difference in 2 weeks and friends will notice a difference in 4 weeks !!

And another tip … watch out for body reactions to the change of diet … (say no more :wink:)
You will get over it in a week or so !!


Haha! Thanks for the tips!!

How long have you been taking it for?

I started March 5th as a trial
Went 100% huel May 3rd for 2 weeks after dental operation
Then put on a few lb when I could eat ‘normally’ :scream::cry:
Then back to Huel after 21st May …
occasionally 100% depending what I’m doing OR 2 meals huel plus normal meal if I’m cooking for the family …
Wasn’t bothered about weighing myself at the beginning … but lost over a stone … easily ! (Maybe a stone and a half ?)
And I’m doing heavy (heavy for me) weights in the gym (NOT cardio fat burning), cycling and long dog walks !!

Feeling great :+1:
Sleep better
No snoring :zzz:
Feel full of energy


@yoshiyella, here’s a handy dandy guide to weightloss:

The basics - use the calculator to work out how many calories you need, then cut 500kcal a day to lose 1lb of fat per week. Measure the Huel via scoops, track what else you’re eating (I use MyFitnessPal, which is free), ideally up exercise (I walk), then watch the weight tumble off. Good luck!