How much and when to hire?

Hello everyone
I am Italian so I apologize for my English.
I was buying 2 packs (28 meals) of Huel Powder v 2.3, but I have a doubt.

On the page “nutritional information” it says: “Portions: 4 meals from 125 g per day or 5 meals from 100 g per day” immediately after "400 kcal.
Do these 400 kcal refer to every single meal or 4 meals a day?

If it relates to 4 meals a day it is somewhat alarming because 28 meals are consumed in 7 days for the price of €54 a week (a lot!).

How often should huel Powder be consumed?image image

Yes that is each meal, you may want to eat Huel for 2 x 400kcal meals a day. This is what I do.

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Technically, if you replaced all your meals a day with Huel it would cost you €54 a week. However, Huel is very rarely intended for use this way. I replace two meals a day with Huel and two packets last me over a month. Hence, cost is reduced.

I think. Might be worth someone else checking the maths too!

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I don’t think you will get through 2 bags in one week. It will usually last a lot longer than that.

I’m not sure what you currently spend on food (7x breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks) but if it’s below €54, then congratulations! Especially if that budget covers a 100% nutritinally complete diet! I know Huel sounds expensive because you have to buy meals in bulk, but I think you will find that per meal it is much cheaper than buying meals from a lot of places

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It will last longer because nobody needs four meals of 3 scoops a day (which this model accounts for). However technically if you did eat that much, 28/4 = 7 days.

I also agree that this saves a lot of money, on lunches alone I would spend £20 every week and dinner was much much more with eating out.

I’m little over 2 bags a week.
I get 2800 kcal a day on Huel 4 x 700 kcal (171g).
This is far more than most would consume each single day.

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All depends on how many calories you want to consume daily and how many of those calories are going to be Huel. Do you want to maintain, gain or lose weight and how many meals do you want to replace?

Do keep in mind though that Huel costs significantly more in Europe, and Sweden in particular, compared to UK. So, while that may be true in UK, Huel can actually cost quite a bit more here compared to if you were to make nutritionally complete food by yourself.

Edit: this is mostly relevant on big-buy bulk orders - a 2 bag order lines up fairly close. So a heavy user of Huel here pays much more, while someone using it once a day (or less) don’t.

Edit 2: this is being worked on though they say. Hopefully this will be sorted soon.

Dayumn. That is almost hard work. how do you do it?-

It’s still only 4 shakes, I’m 100% Huel with few exceptions :stuck_out_tongue:
Not really that hard and prepare shakes in a blender the night before :wink:

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Hi RyanT,
Can you really replace a meal, like lunch or dinner, with Huel? I’m a little skeptical about this. Because it’s new to me.

Yes, if you make a Huel shake with 3 scoops, it will easily replace a meal! I think it’s very filling

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Yes, it is more than possible :slight_smile:
I replace most of my meals already.
Have to add, the 3 scoops as mentioned, do depend on your needs.
Personally, I’m a big eater and burn a lot of calories anyway.
So this means I have 171g (4,5 scoops) every meal, totalling up to ~2800kcal on just shakes.