How much would it cost per day to eat only Huel?

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I’m on a tight budget… I’m at home ill but need to find a way to consume enough calories the cheapest way possible, I have everything delivered as can’t get to the shops … I guess about 1500 caleries a day would be right, though can anyone confirm that’s right or not please… I’m 48, 177m & 63kg… I do no exercise & don’t want to loose weight.

From what I can work out, the 4 week pack of Huel consists of 28 meals & is around €55/€60… but how many caleries is each meal ? If it’s only 500 caleries a meal that’s 3 meals a day which would work out at €165/€180 a month… is this correct ? If that’s right It costs me roughly the same in supermarket shopping so where’s the advantage ? Also, my GP prescribes me super protein drinks/deserts which are covered by the national health system here (I’m in France though I’m English) & are 450 caleries per serving… though I guess they are probably not as complete & healthy as Huel right ?

You’ve made this impossible to answer.

Your guess is as good as ours. Try it and see how you feel and keep track of your weight.

Totally depends on how many scoops you use and whether you add extras.

The advantage is subjective. Huel is likely more nutritionally balanced than what you’d get at your supermarket for the same money.

That’s interesting, why’s that? Not having a dig, just curious.

Highly likely to be correct. Huel’s high in protein so you could likely pack in the extra prescription, but I’d take GP advice just in case.

thx… I’m being prescribed protein drinks to avoid me loosing weight… I’m loosing weight because I’m ill… find it hard to eat normally… another reason why Huel might be an option for me as it’s easy to consume.

I suspected that.

That’s odd. If someone was failing to consume enough calories I wouldn’t point them toward protein shakes, I’d point them to caloric dense products like whole milk, nuts etc.

Perhaps they’re trying to prevent muscle atrophy, I don’t know.

Your use case for Huel sounds spot on so I’d look into it for sure.

ok… so I should give it a try… was my guess in price correct per month if I substitute all meals for Huel? 1 scoop is how many caleries ?

What are the ingredients of the protein drinks? I was ill some years ago and had zero interest in food, so was prescribed Ensure, which is the leading prescribed supplement drink. After some months of more or less living on Ensure, I got round to reading the ingredients list: 25% sugar! Not good for someone with diabetes…

If you’re thinking of going 100%, then 1500 calories works out at 375g per day, meaning that one bag will last just under five days - fourteen meals. I work that out to be less than a fiver a day at the two bags in an order price. Subscriptions lower the price further. I’ve had the hospital dietitian give Huel the thumbs up, and one of the pharmacists is giving serious thought to using Huel.

Although I snack (peanuts for the most part, which I count in towards my daily calories) I rarely eat anything other than Huel. Because of illness/disability I have a pretty sedentary lifestyle and so take that into account. I’ll have one or two Huel meals a day and snack for supper while I wait for my sleepers to hit.

Rather than relying on the scoop, I’d suggest that you weigh your Huel: the old “contents may settle” thing means that measuring by volume is inspired guesswork (but then I used to make bread where the weight is crucial to success).

Huel has solved a lot of problems for me: I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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So first of all it would be important for you to get a rough idea of how many calories you will need. In a broad spectrum it will be between 1500-2000. I would say more in the 1600 and 1800 range. To have a better idea I would recommend using MyFitnessPal (you just need to create an account, and in this process it will give you a good estimate of your calories using you Age, Weight, Height, Activity levels and goals). There are multiple others like’s calculator. You could even use a few and have a look.

Now time for some estimations. Each scoop of Huel (~38g) is 152kcal. 3 scoops will give you a 450 kcal a meal. 4 times a day it will total 1800kcal (so the higher end).

COST FOR 1800kcal/ a month- with subscription
1750(g/bag) / 124 (g/meal)= 14meals per bag
4(meals a day)*30(day a month)=120 meal a month
120 (meals a month needed)/ 14(meal per bag)= 8.5 bags needed per month.
Lets round up down to 8. That is €184.5 or €6.15/day or €1.53/meal.

COST FOR 1600kcal/month - with subscription
1750/100g = 17.5meals per bag
120 (meal/month)/17.5= 6.8 bags needed a month
Let’s round up to 7. that is €163.35 or €5.45/day or €1.36/meal

I don’t know whether you will be getting your full amount of vitamins if you reduce the amount of Huel you are taking. (You are changing their meals pattern). Most certainly you would.
If you want cheaper there are brands in Europe that are cheaper than Huel. Huel a good quality MR brand, but there are others that have cheaper products than Huel (Jimmyjoy, Satislent, Queal). They can go around €1-€1.33 per 400kcal meal.


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