Huel too expensive for 1000kal a day?

Hello Everyone!

I’ll start off by saying that I’m a small guy on a Muscle/Mass building program to gain weight and Muscle and I’ve been using Huel to help my small appetite stomach more calories per day as just traditional 6-7 meals of clean food is very hard for me to stomach all day long (Until I get more used to it that is)

The first 1 month (2 bags) of Huel has honestly helped me achieve my 2600-3000kal target and I’ve seen great results so far in my program and I wouldn’t even be close to my 2600kal-3000kal a day target if it wasn’t for an easy intake of 1000kal of Huel per day to help so I’m very happy about that!

So I’m determined to keep using Huel to help achieve my goal as the stuff tastes good and is easy to drink!

But sadly intaking 1000kal (250g) of Huel per day would mean I’d need to spend £77 on (4 bags) every month that’s not including 1kg of Whey Protein supplement (Every 3-6 months) and other important food (every month) that I’d need to actually reach that 2600kal goal.

Bodybuilding/Mass building is not cheap full stop but I’m curious what you’re opinion is on £77 a month on Huel is? Is the healthy factor of Huel alone (Vitamins, good quality oats) worth the money or is it kinda absurd? £40 is something I can stomach (No pun intended).

Any opinions, I would love to hear!


Based on your numbers Huel works out to be approximately £2.50 per day for half the number of calories the average person needs to eat per day. I don’t think that is remotely absurd.


My thoughts exactly, there can’t be many fully nutritious ways to eat 1000 calories for £2.50.


Maybe £77 seems expensive to you because you’re getting nutrients you don’t need, along with the 1000 calories? Obviously you can’t remove the nutrients from huel, can you remove them from the other food/ supplements you take? That way you could offset some Of the £77…

My understanding of bodybuilding is that you guys are expected to eat a hell of a lot of lean chicken breasts, which work out at around £4 a packet. I think Huel still works out cheaper. :wink:


I consume about 1400-1600cals per day just from huel, to make up 3500+cals, depending of if working out Etc, I don’t personally think it’s too expensive, especially since its taken out a lot a preparation time. If you bought all the ingredients separately then you’d have a hard time making it for the same price imo. :slight_smile:

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Sorry you think that Huel is expensive. We try and keep Huel at the lowest price it can be but obviously we need to balance that with using high quality ingredients. Make sure you are using your referral codes, every person you successfully refer will give you £10 off an order. Find out more here -

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HI @Samskihero

Be careful with calorie counting to gain lean muscle - there are numerous other factors that need to come into play or you’ll just get fat. And Huel isn’t a weight gain shake; sure, it’s ideal to gain muscle with quality nutrition, but if counting calories is your main focus, there may be cheaper mega-mass calories available that are high in sugars and crap fats.


Just buy a truck load of doughnuts and do a dirty bulk. problem solved.


“And crap Fats”… that has made my day!


Hello Everyone thanks for all this!

Just to point out by no means was I saying Huel is too expensive full stop, the title of the post was a bit baitey.
I’m just really curious what peoples opinions are on the subject of price.

Definitely seems a hell of a cheap product overall when you put it in perspective for £2.50 and really do the calculations, definitely going to keep using Huel.

Thanks Everyone!

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Bodybuilding/Mass building is not cheap full stop

Not heard of GOMAD?

Hi Tim! I’ve referred 1-2 friends (who have received the discount and Huel) but haven’t received the £10 code myself; do you know what could be the problem? :slight_smile: