Many body builders using Huel?

Just bought my first week and planning on using it as a post workout 500 cal snack. I’m 6’2 80kg (hard gainer) and would need to be ingesting close to 3500 cals to be gaining a pound a week according to the calculator which just isn’t financially viable. Wondering if anyone is in the same boat and if they have any suggestions.


I think most of the body building types using Huel are using it to add clean calories on top of their normal meals. James did mention someone planning to complete and using Huel, black coffee and water, nothing else, but I think he’s specifically cutting rather than bulking.

If money is an issue and time isn’t, then buying food and doing bulk meal prep is probably your best option, and keeping Huel as additional calories. That said, since I’ve been using Huel, I’ve finally completed my reduction from 90kg to 80kg by sticking to 2000 cal per day from just Huel, no body builder but pretty athletic (hard to tell; I’m never sure if I should be comparing myself to “normal” people instead of other gym people, y’know?), leaner than I’ve ever been, and now I’m thinking of gradually upping it but still sticking to Huel as much as possible - the better the nutrition, the leaner the gains, right? I value my time too much to spend all Sunday cooking chicken and brown rice - I’d rather spend what little spare money I have on quick clean nutrition than clothes/nights out/holidays/etc. but I’m lucky to even be able to consider that option, really.

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Hi @Alexander_Quant

There are loads of bodybuilders using Huel. I guess they got to hear about it due to my own involvement in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, but they’re doing will with Huel at 2-3 meals per day due to its high protein, moderate carb and that it contains all essential nutrients.

If you have a spare 20 mins, this thread is well worth the read (although there is some banter to ignor)

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