Will this work for me?

I am currently spending about £50 a month on supplements, long term m.e/cfs…possibly misdiagnosed b12 deficiency etc. I have a lot of health issues, vegan 35 year old slender woman, but I have always been sick. I originally got fussy about the concept that this wasn’t organic, had cyanocoblamin in and b6 (high levels build up toxicity) however I’m now considering that I MAY just not be able to get enough protein,calories etc in me daily and this may highly contribute to how I’ll I am, if you haven’t got the energy to cook or even eat most days, your body won’t function. besides that though I am concerned how much this will cost me, I can afford £50 a month but will that suffice? Will that give me one meal a day? To give it a go, is it worth it? Thanks

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2 bags of Huel, quoted as 28 meals of 500 kcal each, costs £45 with free delivery. This is almost enough for one meal per day for a month. Assuming you stop spending the £50 on a month on supplements you have already saved £5, but factor into this the fact you have also saved the cost of one meal per day. If you (for example) had a “meal deal” of sandwich, snack and drink from a supermarket for £3 every day for lunch, over a 28-day period this would save £84 and allow you to purchase a 56-meal order of Huel for £86 in order to replace 2 meals per day for 28 days or one per day for 56 days.

In my experience, Huel works best for me when consumed slowly over a longer period (typically 2 hours either side of a “lunchtime”), otherwise like any food intake there can be a tendency to feel sluggish. I started with one sample pouch and now have a subscription of the largest quantity which I use to replace 1 or 2 meals per day depending on preference and workload.

Hi Dupres,
Further to my last reply on the other conversation (now i have seen this i have a better understanding of your questions).
I have Huel for breakfast and for lunch (and keep a spare shaker with powder in my drawer for them days when you just need that bit extra) I have also added D-Ribose to it for extra boost from time to time and still consider playing with it adding a different energy vitamin in powder form.
My current job (18 months now) is quite brain intensive and am being offered a promotion later this year (hopefully), When i say i am tired all the time i know you know what i mean, it is quite debilitating but i try and look through it, and see the other side.
I’m not saying that Huel is a miracle cure but I believe it is better than shoving loads of tablets in to me everyday. yes i may have to top it up with something at some point.

Try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Please keep in touch.

If she only had one meal of Huel a day she might not be able to give up the supplements - she’d only be getting a quarter of all the vitamins needed per day.
Another possibility would be to go 100% Huel for a week, then go back to eating whatever you normally eat + supplements for a week, and see if there’s any difference in how you feel between each week.

Also £45 is the maximum price, you can knock off a few quid just from signing up to a subscription.

That seems a lot. Do you really mean grams of Huel or perhaps mls after mixing or maybe kcal’s worth?

Sorry I wasn’t awake!! 250/500ml!! 50/100g. Can we go back to using ounces & pints pls? :slight_smile:

TYVM for correcting me!


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Damn, I’d been trying to imagine a 500g Huel meal and how large a bottle / jug / bucket I’d need to drink it :slight_smile: