How much do you spend a week?

I’m curious what do you spend a week on Huel / food?
Do you only use Huel or do you eat food as well, if so what percentage Huel/ food and what you think your average weekly spend is.
Thanks for your time in advance.

56 meals worth of Huel (4 bags) lasts me about 6 months. I use it at work for lunch 5 days a week, 3 scoops in 500ml of water.

I use 200g Huel/day for breakfast lunch. A bag lasts 8.75 days so that’s £2.15/day as I buy 8 bags on recurring order so the cheapest way. (£2.57 at full price)

I get through roughly a bag in a week, three meals a day (1500 cals)

Thats what ive started with but 28 meals. do you change your flavors around.

I use chic, mocha, banana and strawberry

Yes I mix 1 scoop Vanilla and 2 scoops unsweetened.

I go through about a bag of huel a week 3x100g shakes a day, I also use roughly a bag of frozen strawberries/bananas also.
Then something relatively light each evening (I don’t think I could ever go 100% huel).

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I have two shakes with 2.5 scoops a day, breakfast and dinner. Lunch is at work and is a social time, so I eat solid food then. I do add frozen fruit to it though (if you’ve got an Aldi near you, check to see if they’ve got a green smoothie mix; it’s really good!). I just started Heuling on 1/9 and I think I opened the 2nd bag on 12/9, so we’ll say £45 on Huel over 24 days, or £1.875 a day. Additional food averages around £3, but I’m also not strict on the weekends. I just had fish and chips for dinner with wine to drink. I’d say around a fiver a day during the week on food and more on the weekends, about £50 a week total. If I stick with £1.875 a day on Huel and £50 a week on other food, that makes my food budget 26.25% Huel.

Seeing those figures, I kind of want to up my Huel intake. There’s another teacher in my department who is doing the Cambridge diet and mixes up the sad, thin looking “smoothies” for lunch, so it wouldn’t be unheard of to have a non-traditional lunch. I just rather like the social aspect of breaking bread together and it doesn’t seem quite right with a drink.

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I spend around 2.50 a day on Huel (2 x 100g meals) plus about 40p a day on oat or almond milk to add to it.

On top of that I eat an evening meal which costs anywhere from £1.00 to 4.00, but as it varies so much I can’t really say. I occasionally have total Huel days of 3 meals a day so that’s about a fiver in total.

I sometimes use my protein flavdrops to Huel, and sometimes Chia which again bumps up the spend.

I just eat the unflavoured all the rest just taste of chemicals to me

4-500g a day, seven days a week. More on 1.2, not as much now.

So a full 8 bags a month, almost. Less these days.

Right now I’m wondering how much I would have to order in one go to get a recipe mixed to my preference… cause I would totally order 96 bags a pop if that was possible. Maybe get a few people together to make that happen, if it took more.

Just had my last of the 1.2 and feeling sentimental :smiley:

Edit: Turns out a single batch made is about 1000 bags. A bit over my budget. Still not sure why they wouldn’t run custom batches for pre-ordering customers…

I consume at least 250g of Huel a day, so I’ll work from there. I buy four bags of Huel at a time which at 1.75kg a bag is 7000g. That costs £77.70 on subscription. 7000g at £77.70 works out as £2.78 per 250g.

In the mornings I make my shake up with 400ml of soya or almond milk which I will estimate at £1/litre as price varies depending on whether I go via Aldi (~67p) or Tesco and whether or not Tesco has sold out of the cheaper one that day (so can be 89p or £1.40!). Anyway £1/litre is 40p/400ml so there is that each day.

One shake is always with cocoa, usually I get 250g Bournville for £2.99 and I use about 5g per shake, so that costs me 6p a day.

Usually another shake is with coffee granules, 100g of Kenco Decaf is £2.00 and I use 5g a go of that, so that costs me 10p a day.

So as a baseline £3.34 a day.

The rest of my day I might have a couple of slices of toast or some biscuits or some plain pasta if I feel like it, or if I am behaving then I’ll have another 125g of Huel, which I’ll just chug with water so I’m fed. A lot of the time I don’t have anything but I’m trying to get used to consuming a ‘normal’ amount of calories and Huel does help with that because I can just kind of ‘insert calories’ and forget about it. I guess if you say my third meal is definitely Huel then that ups the total to £4.63 a day and quite a sensible 1658 calories a day. £32.41 a week. More than I would otherwise spend but its faster and much more nutritionally balanced.

Quite a lot

400grams of huel a day plus 2 scoops of protein and a couple of apples and bananas so thats probably about £6 a day, 6 days a week. Day 7 i go out somewhere to eat thats usually £25 and then the rest of that day ill eat solid food too so thats another couple of quid

Roughly £65 a week ?

Being on a diet, four bags a month at £80 - so £20 a week roughly - pretty cheap existence

Breakfast + dinner
4 scoops each one (about 300gr per day)

Plus nuts + chia seeds + kale + dates + some fruit
Mixing with almond / hazelnut / oats milk
Using my ninja blender

So yeah its getting expensive ! I started just with a meal per day of 3 scopes but I was losing too much weight

8 bags every 6 weeks, so about £3.50 a day

We buy eight bags every month which provides breakfast and lunch for two seven days a week :slight_smile: freshly cooked meal for two in the evenings.

As a student I only have £60 per week total to live off, I haven’t started on Huel but have just ordered and want to attempt to replace as many meals as possible (I’m extremely lazy and if I don’t have food in I often don’t go to the shop for a long time, and even when I do have food in I often don’t want to cook), last semester I lost lots of weight and am significantly lighter since starting uni 2 years ago and a bit out of shape (smoking - just given up - and no exercise). I’ve decided to sort myself out, joined the gym and ordered Huel. Looking online for someone of my height and weight wishing to put on weight then I should be needing over 3000 calories a day. This looks like, were I go to go full Huel, it would cost me around £8 a day (or £56 a week)… well out of my budget. I usually spend around £25 on food and this is more than double. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions or if it is possible to do cheaper. I know lots of people eat a normal dinner but a normal dinner involves cooking still…

Add whole milk or oil to it… Only £1 for 4 pints in most places. Plenty of eggs and whole milk will make you gain weight easy.