How much Huel do you consume?

Would be fun to hear how often everyone uses Huel.

I currently replace breakfast and lunch on all days, dinner occasionally but not always.

Breakfast & lunch 7 days a week :grinning: for over a year.

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Bar for breakfast, 3 scoops for lunch and 3 scoops for evening meal. Fruit for snacks. This is during the week, weekends I mostly eat solid foods apart from breakfasts.

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Usually 1 at day Mon-Fri whilst at work for lunch, sometimes a 2nd late afternoon. Occasionally have one at the weekend depending on what i’m doing.

It always makes me weirdly happy if I manage to have Huel Powder, Granola and Bar before midday. On Wednesday it happened pre-11am. This resulted in a very happy Tim.

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Minimum x2 500kcal Huels + a bar Monday-Friday. On weekend, normally x1 Huel each day depending on how busy things are.

1 or 2 scoops for breakfast
3 scoops for lunch

  • I’m not using it as a lifestyle or healthy eating change, just for convenience during the work week

One scoop each for breakfast and lunch every day at the moment. I have lost 4 kg in 3 weeks

Slow breakfast, so one scoop 0700, one at 0800.

2 for lunch.

“proper” dinner.

I have 60g of Huel granola for breakfast
Then 100g of Huel for lunch

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3 scoops four times a day, 08:00, 09:00, 11:00, and around 14:30. Normal food for breakfast at 06:10, lunch around 12:30, cooked dinner at 18:00, then snacks in between!

3 scoops/450 ml water for breakfast same for lunch, then two in the evening both 3 and half scoops/500 ml water with 2 small oranges Monday to Saturday. Sunday 3 scoops after long bike ride, good size healthy Vegan meal mid afternoon and 3 scoops & an orange in the evening. This is for 12 weeks while away in the truck then home for 2 weeks when I have solid meals and a tub of dairy free Booja Booja ice cream every night until I go away for another 12 weeks and back on the huel and cycle training.

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100g (approx 50/50 UU/Vanilla) at noon every weekday. I try not to eat much before then and then have a late lunch at 3 ish and dinner at 8 ish.

112.5g Huel for lunch! (Because that’s 450kcal HAHA)

Then a bunch of snacks and a normal dinner. Planning on doing 100% Huel next week though!

2-3 scoops for breakfast and for lunch during the week, normal meals otherwise. I need to lose weight so planning to cut down to 2 scoops although I know that’ll leave me hungry and more inclined to snack.

100g normally 50/50 UU/Vanilla twice a day (maybe only once a day some weekends).

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Five days in and 3x meals of two scoops gluten free vanilla plus a 60g serving of granola has become my routine.

2 scoops for breakfast

3 scoops for lunch

What ever I fancy for tea.

I do this 7 days a week unless away or really busy. So far I have lost 10lb in the last 3 months! :smiley:

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About 365g per day when eating my norm, 275g on my cut.

So normally:
240g for breakfast
80g over lunch, blended with other stuff usually
45g with whey before bed