What’s your routine?

Hey all. I’m starting my Huel journey today and the plan was to have one for breakfast and one for lunch. Then I’d eat dinner as normal. BUT I’ve realised I never feel as hungry in the evening so I’m going to try eating breakfast as normal then have a shake for lunch and a shake for dinner. I know life can get in the way so some days I’ll have to shake things up (see what I did there :wink:) but I’m keen to learn how everyone else does it on a typical day :relaxed:

Also I know 2 scoops is the recommended amount but I’ve seen on the you tube video that you can adjust it according to your calorific needs. If I did that, say 1 scoop (therefore halving it to 200 cals) am I doing myself a disservice by not getting all of the goodness I need from the 2 scoops or does it not make a blind bit of difference.

Thanks for reading (and hopefully replying :laughing:)

Hey Nicole, welcome to Huel :slight_smile:

Personally, I have a Huel for breakfast then I normally have leftovers for lunch and cook dinner with a few snacks inbetween.

It totally depends on what your body needs and what else you’re having throughout the day. For example, if you need 2000kcal and you’re having a 1000kcal for breakfast then you’re going to need less from your other meals (including Huel) than if you had 500kcal for breakfast.

This article may help you out a bit more.

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I don’t think 200kcal for breakfast is enough personally.

Huel class 200kcal as a snack (bar size) and 400kcal as a meal (RTD size).

Personally, I have 90g which is 360kcal which is something I settled on through trial and error if you like.


Ah ok. So you have one a day? I think I need to remind myself quite early on that the Huel can be used however I want and it doesn’t need to be the same each day. I basically need to not over think it! Lol :laughing:

I totally agree. I would never normally have a 200 cal meal so you’re right. It’s good that I can play around with it though so that it fits into to my daily calorie target. I don’t make the best choices nutrition wise so I think Huel is going to help me get to a better place.

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I tend to have a very flexible three meals per day. With or without snacks. Nothing ever set in stone. One or two of those meals is usually 90g Huel Black.

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Thanks Bee. I love how flexible it can be x

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I currently eat mostly Huel, because I live alone and am lazy. I am trying to lose some weight (albeit at a very moderate pace) and my daily regimen is like this:
intermittant fasting where I have a small ‘bullet’ coffee when I wake up (regular coffee with some 12g of butter blended into it), approx 90 cal
Then four Huel meals in the eating window as three would be a small amount of 1200 cal, too little for my needs, so 1600, and I can space them out and time them around my workouts (I can’t have a shake for at least 1,5 hour before as it is too heavy on my stomach). And then I usually have a little snack.

Having four ‘meals’ and a ‘breakfast coffee’ (as I see it) breaks away from the “three square meals a day” paradigm, but this is what suits me at the moment :smiley:

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Thanks for that! Sounds like you’ve got your routine down to a tee! Good luck with your weight loss journey :relaxed:

One every week day,

Yeap you’ve got it. Whatever comes to mind as the easiest to incorporate into your current lifestyle is probably the way forward for you.

Thanks Dan :+1:t3:

Porridge Oats for Breakfast
Huel H&S for Lunch or RTD
(+shake on Gym Days)
Meal for Dinner normally Chicken and Rice

Thanks Martyn :+1:t3:

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I work in a care home and do 12 hour shifts. On a work day I will have a shake in the morning, Huel H&S for lunch and another shake in the evening. This usually keeps me fuelled throughout my shift and it’s great being able to sip on the shakes while I’m working as break times can be unpredictable sometimes.
When I’m off I try to follow the same but do mix it up sometimes and swap one Huel meal for proper meal.
By the way, if you haven’t tried the H&S yet, you should. They are very tasty.

Thanks Regan. I will do :+1:t3:

I am trying to maintain my weight at around 75kg (165lbs). So I try and average 165g of protein a day, then flex my overall calories based on activity (normally 2500 on training days and 1800 on rest days).

Training Days:
I make 2 litres of Huel White UU in the morning: 150g per litre.
I’ll drink these from 10am onwards, and then have a meal in the evening.

Rest Days:
I’ll make 1 litre of Huel Black (same recipe) for breakfast, and have a normal lunch/dinner.

I’m training 5-6 days a week, and this routine (that I have been following for a couple of years now) works well for me.

Wow! Sounds like you’ve worked hard to get the perfect routine for you! Fair play!

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Yeah, I am getting old, so thought that if I wanted to train with more intensity I’d better get my nutrition right :smiley:

Did a lot of reading, and then found what works for me. Doesn’t mean it is right for anyone else though :wink:

Totally agree. We need to find what works for us individually :relaxed:

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I don’t have a strict routine that I always stick with, but usually I have Huel for breakfast and lunch, then a normal dinner. I also have a Huel bar at some point during the day when I feel like it (sometimes 2 bars as I love those things). I generally just eat whatever I feel like at the time, and as I’m so lazy I usually just choose Huel because it’s the easiest option.

At the moment I’m having some major wisdom tooth issues so I’m on 100% Huel shakes until the antibiotics kick in (chewing food is extreme pain right now). The last few days have made me realise I probably wouldn’t mind doing a 100% Huel diet in the future. Although again I wouldn’t be strict with it. But I just love how convenient it is without being unhealthy or expensive like most convenience foods.