I’m here!

Hello all, native California guy here. Hopped on the Huel train and got two bags in today. Just had my first shake a minute ago so I guess that’s my dinner! Haha! I used two scoops in the shaker. I’ve been using smoothies and and meal bars two meals out of the day the last few weeks. I’ve lost 10lbs already and am looking for more! Should I take 2-3 scoops a shake? Also should I take one every few hours? Goal is 2000 or less calories a day. I was eating complete shit before like 4-7000 calories a day! I was 260lbs and am now 249 in just a few weeks! I’m motivated but need some tips! Thanks all!

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Are you doing huel only? I have my shakes spaced about 3 hours apart. Helps keep hunger at bay that way for me at least. Well done on the weight loss so far! Here is a good link to see how much huel you want for your calorie intake


I generally don’t have breakfast, and have my first Huel (100g worth which is just under 3 scoops) around noon, with a 2nd around 3-4pm then a dinner in the evening around 8pm after I’ve exercised. This is intermittent fasting as I aim to eat between noon-8pm.

I don’t like coffee but I force a black one down around 10am to stave on hunger until noon. I also have a Huel bar (or equivalent) in between meals along with other healthy snacks if I need them (almonds or a banana etc.).

I’d recommend adding different things to the Huel if you’re the type to get bored. I sometimes add a teaspoon or two of dark drinking chocolate.

If I was aiming to lose weight (as I probably should but am not) I would go for 3 scoops 3 times a day plus a meal of just lean meat (for example skinless chicken breast) and a truckload of vegetables like spinach or kale in the evening.