How much Huel should I order?

I am considering ordering Huel but it’s incredibly annoying that I can’t find anywhere on the website about how much to buy. I want to switch gradually to exclusively using the Huel Hot and Savoury and Huel Powder, but how much should I be eating? There are 7 meals in a bag of Huel Hot and Savoury and 17 in a bag of Huel Powder but there is no indication of how many “meals” to eat per day. If they’re nutritionally complete, should I only be eating one meal a day? Or should I stick to three meals a day like I have at the moment.

I think maybe more people would be interested in trying Huel if you made the simple act of ordering it less of a guessing game. It is the only thing stopping me from placing an order right now!

Hello Adam

there is a lot of information in the guides and articles sections of the sites. Huel is nutritionally complete at 2000 calories. You will also see in the products section each product also has its own nutrition and ingredients information,.

Hot & Savoury is considered more of a comfort food and shouldn’t make up more than 1 or 2 of your meals a day (I believe this is also indicated on the site/packaging) but you can mix and match as you like.

When starting out its better to introduce Huel gradually - replacing one meal to begin with then building up if thats what you want once your body adjusts to it.

whatever the short fall is in your daily nutrition then you would have to make this up with other foods and drink. Again, the individual product pages will help you work this out.

Perhaps you would be better off starting out with their selection pack so you can try all of their product types and see what fits best for you.

here are a few of the guides that may help and answer your questions:


Huel is just food. For the average male they say you need around 2,000kcal a day and for females around 1,500kcal a day. A powder shake can be whatever you make it, but typically around 400kcal (100g of powder). A ready to drink is 400kcal and a bar is 200kcal.

Whether you have 1 a day or 3 a day it’s entirely your choice. A typical use case is Huel for breakfast and lunch and a traditional evening meal.

Hey Adam, welcome to Huel (well, almost!) Sorry you have found the experience a bit of guessing game. It definitely shouldn’t feel like this, but I think the reason why you feel like this might be because of how you have interpreted Huel is best used.

That’s because there isn’t one specific amount. As has been said above, you can have as much or as little as you want. Huel is here for your most inconvenient meals. There is information of how many ‘meals’ is in each pouch which Phil has said (7 in H&S; 17 in Powders), however this too is open to interpretation since there is no one defined size of a meal. We give a recommendation of 400kcal, but really you should have as much or as little as you need. Whatever suits you!

Again, which are those meals which are most inconvenient? Or the ones you find you’re eating the least nutritious foods and you want to change? That’s where Huel should sit. You don’t need to gradually go to having 100%, you can if you want, but know that this is not the only, or even most common way to have Huel.

Totally understandable you have thought this, sorry for the confusion. Huel is nutritionally complete at 2000kcal. That means that every meal is totally balanced, and if you had any combination of 2000kcal of Huel, you would have consumed at least 100% of all your vitamins and minerals. This isn’t because we think people should have 2000kcal of Huel a day, simply that Huel is perfectly balanced. As Phil says.

I really hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!

I have been having some severe side effects from medication I’ve been taking, one of which is almost all food is unappetising to me. Foods that once appealed to me make me feel nauseous. I bought three bags of Huel Black last year for my partner and, while he didn’t stick around, I’ve still got a bag of the vanilla flavour. The expiry was October 2021, but I opened it last week (when it was still in date) and I’m sure it’ll be okay for the next week or two. I’ve been able to drink it every day for the past week without feeling queasy or worse still bringing it back up minutes later. It’s the first food I’ve found that is good for me and I’m able to stomach. For several weeks I’d been living on mostly toast and the occasional bowl of salad.

That’s understandable, but at the same time a rough guide on how much to buy would be helpful for more than just me I’m sure. I’m a mathematics student, and even I was struggling with the mental arithmetic, trying to add up 17s and dividing by 7/28/56. A small note like “you’re ordering three bags every four weeks - that’s roughly two meals per day” (51/28=1.821…) might help people understand easier how much they need to order based on how much Huel they want to have in their diet.

17 portions per pack is an interesting size to go for, as well. It seems odd for a subscriptions-based company. 17 isn’t easily translated into days in a week, meals in a day, days in a month, etc. It seems to me waste is more likely from over-ordering than if there were 14 or 28 servings per pack. Either that or allowing subscriptions in multiples of 17 days instead of just weeks.

The way I see it is 17 meals per pack times 2 packs is 34 meals. That is approximately one meal a day for a 4–5 week period.

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