Hot & Savory take: Have the bag be exactly 2000kcal

Makes perfect sense to me :exploding_head:

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So you’d be eating the same thing all day?

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1 bag = 1 day of food. Simple.

This implies that you’d be eating for example Mexican chili for all your meals over the day. Not many people do that. There’s this thing called variety:)

The magazine? Never read it.

I want them to go the other way and offer buckets. Ones we could ideally send back for a refill.


I’d love this, and also having bigger packages: like the 21portions all in one bag, so you could order just one.

We don’t really recommend having Huel for every meal of the day. We make products nutritionally complete based on 2000kcal but most people will have Huel for 1-2 meals a day.

7 meals in a H&S pouch = 1 meal a day for a week.


Do you recommend against, though?

As Huel products are nutritionally complete at 2000kcal, you could have them for all your meals. However, a varied plant-based diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is best, which Huel can form a part of.

What about 1 meal a day 5/7 and 2 meals a day 2/7?
My current plan is: 2 days with 1 shake (breakfast) and 1 H&S (1.5portion) for lunch
5 days with just the shake for breakfast
Dinner 7/7 cooked by me, lunch 5/7 same as for the dinner.

I don’t know what else you’re eating Luca, but that sounds like a good plan :slight_smile:

Home-cooked meals, following a slight variation on a Mediterranean diet, so plenty of vegetables and fruits, rich in fish, white mean and basically everything, there isn’t really anything I don’t try to include into my “diet” (I vary with vegetables based on season, I try to have fish, meat (red only once), diary and vegan meals always in a week).

Okay sounds like you’re on the right track!

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