Becoming a Hueligan!

Hello there, Hueligans!

I’ve tried Huel a couple years ago but unfortunately it didn’t really stick.
I would love to get back into huel as i enjoyed it alot but im not sure about what i should order.
I’m looking to completely replace my evening ‘‘hot’’ meals aswell as breakfast and lunch. I’ve got a question about the hot and savory meals. how many meals does one bag contain? and what should i order for breakfast and lunch? I’m not trying to lose weight but i just want a nice and balanced diet.

thanks in advance !:slight_smile:

There are 7 400 calorie meals per bag of h and s. If you are not wanting to lose weight you’ll be looking at having around 2500cals a day.

Taste is highly subjective, so it can’t be avoided that you may order something that you won’t like. Everybody has to do some trial and error. You could order one article from every product type and then decide.
Maybe a more neutral flavour for the powders (as these can be mixed with more things), variety bags of the bars and the instant meal flavour that appeals to you most. And look at the ingredients, this may also be helpful.

Welcome to the forum @sanderschaart :wave: :black_heart:

I’m sorry to hear it didn’t stick, however it’s important to remember that Huel can be there for you when you need it and to not put too much pressure on yourself to ‘stick’ to Huel. Variety is the spice of life!

It’s been said but 7 meals per pouch for the hot & savoury meals. And taste is very subjective so a flavour like vanilla might be best to start off and add things like, frozen fruit, peanut butter, syrups etc to customize Huel Powder to your liking.

My personal favourites from the hot & savoury range are Pasta Bolognese & Chick’n & Mushroom from the pasta and Thai Green Curry & Korma from the grains.

I do have quite a sweet tooth and I’m not great with spice and find these options suit me, so if that sounds similar to you they could be a good choice.