1 Months worth of Huel

Hey there,
I’m new to all of the Huel stuff and it’s been introduced into our household recently.

My partner has decided he wants to try using Huel to loose weight, I’m trying to be supportive but I have NO idea how it all works in regards to how many shakes ect per day. I know it will work on a calorie deficit and all that jazz.

I wanted to get him a 30 day starter as a gift as he seems extremely keen on starting a huel journey.

Can anybody help point me in the right direction of how many bags would last 30 days?
How to incorporate the hot meals in replacement of a shake?
Recommended flavours?

Thank you so much in advance

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Each bag of Huel powder contains 17 meals at 400 calories each.

It is not advisable to just consume Huel and nothing else in the early days as can play havoc with your digestion

With regards to which tastes best… unfortunately everyone likes different things so my recommendation would differ from the next person.

Hot and savoury is good on a cold day out and about but things like Mac and cheese are all round comfort food. They can be incorporated into Huel regime. I usually consume Huel twice a day - breakfast and lunch. Always a shake for breakfast and a shake or h&s for lunch. Occasionally an RTD. Bars are a good snack.

I do sometimes have periods of 100% Huel and for me it is good for losing weight as I am too full from it to consume more than about 1600 calories a day


Hey @Spooky, so lovely of you to get your partner some Huel :raised_hands: the gift of health you might say :gift:

As @hunzas has said, difficult to give recommendations. A very broad place to start might be with our Black Edition.

  • For the first 2 weeks have 1 meal per day of Huel (14 meals) - plus their other meals and snacks
  • 2 weeks of 2 meals per day of Huel (28 meals) - plus their other meals and snacks

So 42 meals needed:

  • 1 x Black Edition Salted Caramel - 17 meals
  • 1 x Black Edition Vanilla - 17 meals
  • 1 x Hot & Savoury (either Mexican Chilli, or Mac & Cheeze - my favourites) - 7 meals per pouch
  • 1 x Chocolate RTD

Total 42 meals

Add the two Black Edition to your basket first, then you can add a single pouch of H&S/RTD at the next screen before checkout.

None of the above address your partner’s calorie requirements, or the other meals they are eating per day. That is up to them to assess and calculate. We’ve got a bunch of articles on our site about losing weight, as well as a number of useful forum posts like this one. The above is just a recommended starter pack for you to purchase as a gift for them based on which flavours are popular with Hueligans (and which flavours I like the most :joy: )

I hope this was helpful!


Thank you for your advice!
We have decided to both join the Huel Hype and our orders arrive tomorrow.
Were excited to see where this takes us!


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