Huel for Weightloss

Hello, looking at purchasing Huel for the first time to replace my diet for a month to aid in a kick start for weight loss. What products would I be best to use? Is it a case of 3 shakes a day or 2 shakes and a bar?

Hi - In the guides and articles section there is a huge amount of information on weightless and Huel - but as everyones circumstances are different, theres no single magic bullet answer - so t hope they help you get some answers that suit you.

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Depending on your daily calorie target I don’t suppose it matters which type of Huel you use. Say your target is 1200 kc/day then 3 shakes (or 2 shakes and a H&S) would be easy. I think it helps to eat and drink really slowly, and without distractions, when there’s a calorie deficit. Good luck!

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Huel came on a program (filmed in 2020) for the top weigh loss programs and the lady on the Huel one lost a stone in 30 days. She was only having Huel though which for me is hard to do.

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Hey Emily, straight of the bat I’m going to say that we don’t recommend this. Huel isn’t a magic product which is going to be your silver bullet. I written this before, but please read the below.

So the answer to your question of which product, is the one which fits best into your lifestyle.

However, if you were to push us for an answer, Black Edition would be a good place to start. It’s higher protein quantity will help with feeling full.

It isn’t, no. The amount of calories you need depends on your gender, age, height, weight, and activity. Use this calculator to calculate the amount of calories you need per day. Then take 500kcal off to lose 1lb per week, and 1,000kcal to lose 2lb per week.

I hope that’s helpful. All the best to you, and please stop in with any questions you might have!


I’m going to try the same. Just put in my order and i’ll try to go 100% Huel from day 1.

I ordered Huel Black powder only so we’ll see how it works out :slight_smile:


Please don’t! Read my above post :pray:


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