Healthy evening snacks for weightloss

Hi all,

Been using HUEL for about a month now Monday - Friday for breakfast and lunch (and loving it!) then having a healthy dinner in the evening.

Seem to fall off the wagon at the weekend when drinking/socialising so haven’t lost any weight.

Starting full HUEL replacement for all 3 meals for the next few weeks to hopefully kick start the weight loss and just wondered if anyone had any tips for a healthy evening snack each night?

Plan is to have 2 x scoop breakfast shake and 2 x scoop lunch shake then piece of fruit (apple or pear) at around 1600 hrs then home, 2 x scoop shake for dinner then evening snack.

Does this sound like it would facilitate weight loss?

Any advice welcome.

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Sounds a bit light on the calories even if you are someone with a sedentary lifestyle. See how you feel but if you’re feeling hungry don’t be afraid to throw in another two scooper. Good luck!

Hi Steve,

First of, good luck on your journey.
I answered a fairly similar question yesterday so sorry for copy and pasting. Just a quick TL;DR first:

  1. Have a goal. Lose X kg. Reach Y kg.
  2. Losing weight should be part of a lifestyle change, not just dieting. If you just “diet” you will end up gaining the weight back. Watch the video I link, he explains it a lot more clearly.
    3)Track Calories. Calories IN/OUT balance, but if you are to lose weight make the deficit gradual.
  3. Sport, being ACTIVE always helps. No matter how little you do.

///From Yesterday’s Post///
Can I use Huel to lose weight?

  • Yes, it can be a tool to do so.
  • Advantages: It helps you to track calories (very important), it has good nutritional balance, should be filling enough, you can be on top of your diet if you are honest.
  • Disadvantages: You might get tired if you only eat Huel, it is just a tool not what is going to make you lose weight.

The last point is the most important thing WHAT IS GOING TO MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT?

  • Calories IN/OUT. Yes. You need a caloric deficit
  • However, losing weight is not just about eating less or changing your diet. It is about changing your lifestyle and habits. If you just “diet” you will end up gaining back all the weight you lose eventually. Or giving up on your diet. Here is a very good video that will help you understanding this and making a mind shift to get ready to lose weight.
    I strongly recommend it.

Now how to do it short version:
1- calculate amount of calories you need (MFP).
2- Reduce calories by 100kcal ( you can put lose 0.5kg or 1lb in MFP). This is important since you might need to gradually increase.
3- Weight yourself (take picture, trust it helps).
4- Weight yourself next week. See how you progress. You didn’t lose any weight? If it is week one be honest with yourself and think about what you did wrong. Keep going.
5- Increase deficit by another 100kcal whenever you hit a plateau)
6- Achieve your Goal.

Important remarks.
a) This is a Marathon, not a sprint. You had a bad day? You cheated? This week it wasn’t so good? IT DOES NOT MATTER, KEEP GOING. Think what a day means in one year. Don’t throw away you efforts and keep going.
b) Sports ALWAYS help. Cardio, weights, walking, cycling. Is there anything you like then do it.
c) Being active overall helps.
d) Be honest to yourself

You can do it. Belief on you. YES Huel will help you, but is all up to you. And watch the video