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Hello, I’m trying to lose weight (currently 13 stone) and just need adive on shakes and how they work. I currently have porridge for breakfast and then two other meals and snacks during the day. How do the shakes work, do they replace all meals?

Hi @Stew. There aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to how little or often you drink Huel.

Probably the first thing to take on board is that Huel do not position themselves as a meal replacement.
You can replace 1 or all meals a day with Huel if you want to (I am currently on 100% Huel at the moment as it happens), but it can just as easily be used alongside your “normal” meals. If you want to replace breakfast with Huel or have it in addition to your breakfast you can. It is very flexible like that.

Given that your aim is to lose weight, Huel is a great tool to help you monitor how many calories you are putting in your body.

The first thing you’ll need to look at is putting your age, sex, height, weight and activity details into a calorie calculator and seeing what your recommended maintenance calories per day equate to.

1lb of fat equates to 3500kcals, so to lose 1lb of fat over the course of 1 week, you would need to create a calorie deficit of 500kcals per day (7x500=3500). The calorie calculator in the link above will work this out for you and also show you the deficit required to lose 2lbs per week, as well as the calories required to gain (which isn’t relevant to you, given your objective).

Once you have your calorie requirements locked down, you can then use Huel to conveniently monitor your calorie input, either in addition to or instead of your other meals per day.

Hope this all makes sense.


Hi @MarkyT,

What do you think about this product? I saw some good reviews about it but im not sure to use it…

Load of crap. Don’t go anywhere near it.

Caloric deficit is your only hope. Anything else is laziness. People come here and say this once a week, ‘want to lose weight but blah blah blah’. When they hear “eat less” they start making excuses.

Follow Mark’s advice above and you’ll smash it, but don’t take the 3500 calories = 1lb of fat too seriously as chemistry is a complex beast and this is a loose approximation at best.

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Spot on and yes you’re absolutely right about the 3500kcal = 1lb of fat being taken too literally.

I’ve done the calorie deficit before and can manage them, my main issue I don’t get a chance for a meal at dinner time due to work so was thinking the shakes would be a good replacement as I can have it on the go

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My first order has arrived. One bag of coffee and one bag of vanilla. Looking at using these as a lunch time meal replacement. Any decent recipe ideas?


Start with the ones in the booklet. Add frozen fruit, bananas, etc. as you get used to the taste of Huel.

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Hi Stew. Good luck with the weight loss.
I have been replacing breakfast and lunch with Huel and having an evening meal consisting mainly of vegetables and fruit since 10th October. I count calories via MyFitnessPal and have stuck with a 500 daily calorie deficit from day 1. Over this period of time I have managed to lose a total of 8 lb. Really chuffed :grin:

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That’s amazing, well done. Hopefully I can do the same!

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A few of the initial pounds lost would be water but since then I have been losing slowly and steadily which means I am more likely to keep the weight off. Once I have reached my goal (another 5 lb or so) I intend to increase my caloric intake to a maintenence level and continue with Huel as I am now. I really enjoy my Huel meals (I use both granola and powder) :yum:

I actually can’t wait to get started now!

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Go to it! :grin::+1: