No Loss!

I have been an all-in user of Huel for over a year now.
For the past 10 months I have consumed 3 times two level scoop meals a day. These are made with water and mixed in a nutra mix blender.

Most of these meals have included in the blend a tablespoon of summer fruits.

That’s it.

I don’t snack. I drink a lot of water.

I don’t lose weight! Why not!

I should say I’m retired but not sedentary as my dogs need walking three times a day 24/7.

Huel is not a weight loss product. Everbody whom I know who thought that he or she would lose weight on a shake diet did not lose anything at all, in the best case they were enthusiastic and lost weight at first and then gained their weight again - sometimes even more than in the first place.

Huel is a complete meal. Something healthy and convenient. Not a weight loss product.

What it can do for you, though, is making it easier to track your calorie intake. 2 scoops are 400 kcal, always. That gives you much more control than with “conventional” meals.

If you want to lose weight you should calculate your caloric needs and stay about 200-300kcal below that.

If you’re consuming 1200 calories a day and not losing weight then you’re either a mutant or you’re not counting everything.

Count. Everything.

That may point you in the direction of what you need to aim for.

@mbs is right - Huel isn’t a weight loss product but it helps to easily track consumed calories. You’re missing something, obviously. Write down absolutely everything you consume over a 7 day period and look back on it.

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I’m not a weight loss person, but Huel did help me lose a stone or so, as a sort-of by-the-way. The one thing that I think really helped, in addition to the Huel, is intermittent fasting. I use a 16:8 pattern, so the 16 hours between 8pm and 12 noon, I don’t eat at all, and only drink water. From noon till 8pm, I generally have two meals, and 90% of the time, at least one of those is a Huel. Not only is fasting good for weight loss; it also gives the body a rest to heal, regenerate and generally recover, rather than having to spend ever spare minute digesting.

Good luck!


Hey Jommy, really sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble. It sounds incredibly frustrating. Have you checked out this article before? It might help pinpoint where you’re having problems.

Anything is a weight loss product if it’s used as part of a calorie controlled diet. Doesn’t need to say it’s just for dieting on the label.

Sounds like OP has hidden calories or maybe meeting their TDEE so not losing just due to that

Such a good point! I don’t think I’d survive on 1200 for 24 hours even during a pandemic! Oh wait I guess I’ve now proven that for almost a year :wink:

If there’s no snacking, by chance are you consuming calories through other liquid form, alcohol, juices, smoothies

Are you definitely in a calorie deficit? Are you tracking your intake through the day? Milk in coffee, sugar in coffee, oils you cook with, fruits… everything that passes your lips, track. Even if it’s tiny and you think it wouldn’t have an impact. It does. It’s the only way to know you’re not missing any sneaky calories that quickly add up to no longer being in a deficit.

I’ve never snacked, but I DO drink a lot of coffee and I splash milk in there. I can drink at least 10 cups a day… that’s a LOT of calories just from splashes of milk. So to maintain my weight I compensate elsewhere in my food consumption because 1) I’m REALLY short and don’t need much fuel and 2) because you don’t want to be around me without my coffee :joy:

There are other reasons weight loss becomes difficult, PCOS in women requires a ridiculously low calorie intake to lose weight, and having an under active thyroid can also stall weight loss, until it’s managed and regulated with medication

These are good points. There are lot of calorie sources that are not really noticed but which can sum up.
And some medical conditions can also impair weight loss; hypothyroidism would be another example. If you are sure that you really only have that few calories then making an appointment at your GP to rule out such a cause might be a good idea.
Another important point is exercise - maybe you can improve that part of your life, too. Find an activity that you enjoy so you can stick to it.