Looking for honesty

I am over weight and tried so many diets like many people. I have read many good reviews when it comes to losing weight with huel.
It’s not that I do not believe the reviews but I would love for confirmation that you can 100% lose weight with Huel. Thank you.

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I think you misunderstand. Huel is not a diet or a weight loss product. Huel is a nutritionally complete food. Therefore, like any food, if you eat too much you will gain weight and if you have a calorie deficit you will lose weight.

Huel is though a great product to assist you in losing weight because you can easily weigh out and monitor what you are eating in the knowledge that you are getting good and balanced nutrition for every meal of it.


I second what Coup said. It is not a diet product per se, but a meal replacement that gives you 100% balanced nutrition. If used properly, ie you use it as a way of easily controlling calorie intake, it can certainly assist weight loss.


There is no guarantee that you will lose weight with just Huel alone - there’s a number of other factors too.
I started taking Huel 18 months ago and have lost weight, but it’s mostly due to the fact that I am actually taking in regular meals rather than skipping, not snacking on junk food and it’s a lot easier to regulate my calorie intake. I also joined a gym for the first time and started going regularly. I have found that my weight loss has not been very fast, but I have not put weight on and I am starting to develop more healthier eating habits and breaking bad routines of snacking, binge eating etc.


Thanks everyone. Yes I did miss understand. I appreciate your responses

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You can lose weight on donuts so long as you eat in a caloric deficit.

Failing to lose weight is not the fault of the diet, the product, the food. It’s the fault of the individual.

Greed, lack of understanding, misinformation, poor dietary choices, denial. All part of it.

Find your TDEE using an online calculator, download Myfitnesspal app, track every food and drink you eat. Eat 500 calories less than your TDEE for a loss of around 1lb a week. Combine with exercise (moderate cardio each day) for a loss of up to 3lb per week.

Eat no less than 1200 to avoid malnourishment/missing vitamins and nutrients.

Also - Quit alcohol until you reach your goal. Tough, yes, but one of the best things I did for my weight loss. Alcohol serves no function in terms of useful nutrition. Once I quit the alcohol it started dropping off me and my mental health improved. :slight_smile:


Hi. Thanks for the advice.
I do not drink so thats not an issue for me :grin:

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Huel is god damn fantastic.
As others said; it’s food.
It’s liquid, complete and convinient. It’s easy to count calories on Huel because you know 1 gram equals 4 kcal. It’s more math if you cook, using a multitude of ingredients. And you’d have to make sure you get all vital vitamins/minerals in adequate amounts. Huel sorts that for you.

I’m using Huel to lose weight. I eat 1500 kcal a day (3 shakes, 500 kcal each) works great. I take an additional multivitamin though as 1500 kcal of Huel will not give you 100% of all micros.

I’m a huge fan from Sweden :sweden:


Aww thank you. You have given me a wee lift. I was in 2 minds to give it a go or not.
I have nothing to lose. I am lazy when it comes to cooking and I know this would tick all the boxes. Thanks :grin:

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Oh trust me.
I love eating. But planning, cooking, washing up and budgeting accordingly… not so much! Huel is salvation for me. It took me a week to adapt and start appreciating the taste. I was not at all a fan initially! Now I absolutely love it - hang in there!

Before Huel I wouldnt eat OR id binge junk once a day. Not anymore.

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Thanks. I’m like you. I hate shopping, can’t be bothered cooking and washing up :see_no_evil:

I do not have any junk in the house. My problem is I never eat enough calories so I store everything and turns to fat :rage:

This is incorrect and does not happen. Who told you this?

If your body is storing energy as fat it’s because you’re running at a caloric surplus.

Whoever spreads this self destructive myth, inform them it’s nonsense. From a pure biological point of view, can you imagine how stupidly inefficient the human body would be if it stored energy it needed instead of metabolised it?

As above, download Myfitnesspal to a smartphone and track every single calorie you eat. Weigh every portion of everything, you’ll be surprised how much you consume or how low your TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure) is.

I’m going to go out on a whim and guess that from your typing style you’re female and from your username you’re around 50? If so, that TDEE is going to be pretty damn low. Perhaps 1500? Eating more than this will result in weight gain.

Feel free to post up age, height, weight, activity level and we’ll take a look at calculating your TDEE.

You won’t get any nonsense here like you do from Slimming World (unlimited pasta anyone? LOL), weight watchers etc, you’ll just get straight up brutal facts.

Anyone can lose weight if they try, trust. :slight_smile:


Uh… wat
Also - avoid original vanilla. It tastes weird lately. Others are fine though. Not tried unflavored either.

Berry is popular, so is new vanilla. Latter along with unflavored easy to flavour as you see fit. Coffee is probably not super popular, doesn’t taste much coffee. I love it with Myprotein toffee flavdrops though. Removes bitterness and adds sweetness. And contains caffeine. Woo hoo!

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You can lose weight eating nothing but McDonald’s if you want. Or you can gain weight by eating nothing but Weetabix.

Huel is not a dieting product, it’s a meal replacement product. Whether you lose weight on it or not depends on how much of it you consume against the calories you use.


@Squizzle nailed it above. 3 meals of 500kc. Easy to prepare. Easy to measure calorie intake. Should be able to lose weight. As @GTIPuG said tdee calc is very useful. Huel is not a weight loss product but works as one because calorie counting is simple.


@Deebz1968 I’m 1 week into Huel and I’m lost 1,5kg. Is it because is a diet product? No, It’s because mainly:

  1. I’ve commited myself to behave in terms of snacking and drinking alcohol or Coke.
  2. I’ve commited myself to count calories.

If you think you can commit to both points (specially point 1) and you don’t starve (this is a very personal feeling), give it a try. But miracles do not exist, that’s for sure.

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I’ve been using Huel shakes and granola for 3 weeks as a replacement for breakfast and lunch, I know with these that I’m eating around 800 calories in the day time. This leaves me with the comfort that I can eat a regular meal in the evening and still be in a caloric deficit. I’m not counting calories because I’m a very “all or nothing” type character and I know counting calories will lead into an unsustainable obsession over them, so Huel is allowing me to control calories in a safe way.


I just wanted to add that the theory regarding caloric surplus/deficit is not the only possibility here, as people are different. There is a ton of research regarding insulin sensitivity, specifically The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, a reasonable summary here.

Personally, I did a test of huge caloric deficit for 12 weeks. I ate one normal evening meal a day, typically pasta with a little pasta sauce. I drank tea and water as normal. However, I still put on 1.5 lbs after 12 weeks. Also, I ran 10 miles every weekday lunchtime, longer on Saturdays. Lazy on Sunday :slight_smile:

What I am getting at is that there is not just one cause of weight gain/loss, and people have different physiologies and genetics. What works for one, might not work for another.

I would add that avoiding processed foods will help in general. If you want to go down the Huel route, avoid the sweeteners for best effect, it tastes fine to me without. Although, I do add ginger and cinnamon for a nice kick.


Oh my lord please don’t spew this nonsense here. If you can defy the conservation of energy you are a miracle in yourself. This utter rubbish is why people stray into useless diets and pointless weight loss products.

If you ran a “huge caloric deficit” and didn’t lose any weight you counted your calories incorrectly or badly assessed your TDEE and didn’t reside in a deficit at all.

These kinds of comments are destructive to what we’re trying to do here and it really grinds my gears when I see them.

Running 10k for me at 10km/h (relatively slowly) burns 900 calories. Running 10 miles would likely burn 1500 calories.

If running 10 miles ‘every lunchtime’ while only eating one bowl of pasta a day doesn’t cause weight loss, you need to see a doctor because that is a extremely worrying situation and again, defies the laws of physics.


As others have said, especially GTIPuG - Huel isn’t some magic weight loss product - it is however probably one of the easiest ways to help see where you are going wrong and help how to change your eating habits.

With it being so easy to weigh, track and see your calorie intake with Huel using MyFitnessPal - you can easily track your (for example - a 1500cal) intake per day, down to the last gram or calorie. No more ‘this spoon of pasta looks like 100g’ or ‘whats an extra meatball gonna do’ - You will see precisely what you are putting in your body, day in day out. Apart from water retention issues, the basic physics of it don’t lie, calories in, calories out and if there is more calories going out you will loose weight.

Since using Huel predominately as my main food source, tracking every calories I consume, tracking every exercise I do - I’ve lost 11kg since April. Huel works - if you want it to.