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So here’s the story about my weight gain and weight loss. It’s a very standard one.

I was one of those students who had a very quick metabolism and who could eat anything. And so I did, pizza, chocolate, popcorn. Loved a bag chips as breakfast.

I finished school and got a fancy office job. I met my husband at school and when I was finished, he was not. So we kept on eating as students and that didn’t stop when he also finished school and got an office job.

Four years ago we wanted to have a baby and I became pregnant quickly. When I knew I was pregnant I started eating healthy immediately. No more booze, no more cigarettes and no pizza with Red Bull. I looked like a grown up. Pregnancy added 12kg despite the healthy eating habits but you’ll lose that weight immediately after giving birth… not!

Being a new parent with lots of stress if the baby is still breathing etc. I fell back to my old habits and only gained more. I realized I had to lose weight and tried to make the necessary changes. That was around the time I got to know Huel. But surprise surprise I was pregnant again. And again, healthy eating went really well.

After baby number two I realized I had to lose weight drastically because I gained another 12kg because of the baby. That was 30kg In total I did not want and I could hardly recognize myself.

So I started my weight loss journey and dropped 18.5kg in 8 months. How did I do it? Really there is no secret ingredient. Losing weight is hard work. I went to gym and did a couple of juice fasting periods. Which worked really well but is not a long term plan.

I have been using Huel for the last two years but only as breakfast. I really love it though and I’m going to use it as lunch and sometimes as dinner also.

I still need to lose 10kg but I also feel proud of what I have already lost and starting to feel like a fit mom. The last kgs i want to lose more slowly with Huel instead of a juice fast so I can find my way to a healthy normal eating pattern.

I track in MFP and will try to add on daily base what I have eaten and how did it go. Sorry for this annoying long post.


Hey, you’re still there?

Okay, here’s today:

It went well today but I had hoped I wouldn’t have to get a snack but I wasn’t going to make it. I tried to follow Melanie’s plan which is in the started booklet.

But obviously Melanie has no appetite or I still have to get used to it. Tomorrow I’ll try again, 2 scoops for breakfast, 2 scoops for lunch, 3 scoops for dinner. It’s not a 100% Huel journey though. If I want to eat then I’ll eat but I want at least two meals to be Huel.

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Good luck! Look forward to reading about how you get on. You got this!

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It’s been awesome having you here on the forum Deborah and great to now hear the progress you’ve made. Wow! It sounds like you’ve got the right idea, slow and steady now will be the best way forward! Keep us up to date on your progress!

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Thanks for the support!! :smile: @salp123 & @Tim_Huel

Today was actually easy. I’m getting a new floor in my living room and kitchen but they had to flatten the floor first by pouring something that looks like concrete (not huel unfortunately) on the floor. It needed to dry the whole day so the kitchen was off limits today. Which turned out to be great for my diet. I’m thinking about just removing the kitchen entirely… :rofl:

Here are the stats:

Beat that Melanie from the starter booklet!

I don’t know who Melanie is (are you real, Melanie?) - I either didn’t get a starter booklet or I didn’t read it (more likely) but take that Melanie from the starter booklet indeed!

Seriously though, I was working at home last week and one day I deliberately mopped the kitchen floor and made it really wet so it took ages to dry, just so I couldn’t go cupboard grazing :joy: Maybe Melanie didn’t have a kitchen?

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She’s here! She must be real because they wouldn’t just make up a name for a table heading in a booklet. That’s a legal document, probably.

My favourite thing about that page is the “scp=scoop” key at the top. I’m not sure why it pleases me so much.


I can totally relate to that! Sometimes I’m just opening all of the cabinets one by one to find something to snack :see_no_evil:

However when it’s not possible it gives me peace.


She is also young and in good shape. Look at here specs! My long time foe got it all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good luck with the weight-loss. Please know that most callories are burned outside the gym.


Surely not. Not in an official document where scp = scoop. That would be outrageous. And if she’s not real then what else about Huel isn’t real?
Can. Worms. All over the place.


I’m surprised there’s not a picture of her staring at us with a smug look on her face. Like “ snacks? Oh I just have some air. It’s delicious”


She has loads of snacks because she’s simultaneously losing, gaining and maintaining weight.

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a being in the fourth dimension


I suppose She Who Transcends Time and Space was too long-winded for the table. That’s why they (allegedly) invented a name for her.

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Today I had not really an appetite. I made a Huel in the morning but didn’t finish it so it became warm :sob:
I was just so busy with the new floor which is done and looks AWESOME and with a sick baby that needed love, care and sleep. Tomorrow will be better, at least I didn’t overeat.

Yesterday was another super busy day and my hunger came back in full. Maybe to compensate for the day before. It was a very active day with putting all of the furniture back on the new floor, cleaning and taking care of the kids.

A bit of an offday… I had this big conference all day in the other side of the country so I’m staying in a hotel now where they serve breakfast and we went out for dinner with colleagues.

Conclusion : way too many calories… Good thing was that I only ate vegetarian food and that I exercised in the morning. Tomorrow is the last day of the conference so we’ll see how that goes. I took RTD with me so that’s an option.

Oh and I heard my Huel Black has arrived at home but I have to wait till Saturday morning to try it when I’m back home. The horror…

I like black better than white. Less need for protein shakes.

Did you go to the ise? :mask:

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