My Huel Experiences

I tried Huel lately, so far it is really good although a bit expensive but it’s worth. Can anyone share their experiences?

hate to say it:

£1.25 per meal is not expensive.

and my huel experiences have been fantastic.
feel so much healthier.

been on it for 14 months as my main meals.

along with exercise and supplements i have gone from 110kg to 70kg and had no problem building muscle. all totally vegan.

i feel good

I guess it looks expensive on the face of it when you think you are just getting a portion of readybrek, but it is a complete meal, with a good nutritional profile. Other alternatives (especially on the go) are far more expensive, and on the whole not complete, so like Matt says, not that expensive.

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Yep I agree. I can eat just as healthily, for far less money, but I can’t do that without spending a lot of time preparing food. I also agree with Jhon that it’s expensive, but you have to factor in the time saved. Time is money, and all that.

I’d love it to be cheaper, but I know that’s not realistic.

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explain in nutritional measurements how you can eat ‘just as healthily’ for ‘far less money’

you’ve said it before

its blatantly untrue

show me the facts man

For example

That plan is plant-based apart from some cheese, which could easily be swapped for something else.

For something more Huel-like, there’s all the recipes at

I’m spending a lot more on food since I starting using Huel heavily. It’s really difficult for me to maintain and I have to make sacrifices in other areas. I think it’s worth it, because I’m not motivated enough to regularly cook meals for myself, and I’ll just fall back into terrible habits.

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i would bet that is Not as nutritious

Why? Huel isn’t magic, it’s just exceptionally convenient. I think it’s a really great product and it’s had an enormously positive effect on my health. You don’t need to leap to their defence all the time.


have you ever read the back of the packet?

and i want to defend huel… with facts.

Yes. What’s your point?

the example you used is blatantly not even half as nutritious.

thats what im saying.

its not as healthy at all.

you can get by for cheaper but huel is extremely healthy. that list on the thrifty link is bare minimum of nutrition.

Can you explain more what you mean? It fits nutritional guidelines. Personally I would want higher protein but that’s easy to fix. I doubt I’d use so much sugar either.

granulated sugar and croutons are not particularly nutritious.

i explained what i meant.

its obvious.

its not half as healthy.

cheaper but not half as healthy.

So swap them for something else? This is exactly my point, it’s much more convenient to let Huel do the work for you. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do it yourself.

I’m derailing someone’s topic again though. Sorry @Theforeignsick, I’ll give it a rest.

Matt, we could make a separate topic, but I don’t think “ways to stop using Huel” is a polite thing to post on Huel’s own forum. Let’s agree to disagree?

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facts are facts
i dont know how to disagree with facts
im leaving it there .

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Hi Jhon, I agree with hunzas and David in that there is so much value in the absolute convenience of Huel. Swapping meal deals and vending machine lunches plus frequent takeaways throughout the week for something quick and easy with a good nutritional profile has been great for me. Not having to think about what I need to buy and then cooking it in advance fits in with my hectic life and ensures I’m getting more of what I need. I’m spending less on Huel than I would have done on crap food with no nutritional value and I feel fitter and healthier because of it. Win win for me!


It takes a bit of work to put together a paper demonstrating what you’re asking for, which is a lot of work to do for you. I’d also worry that you might disagree out of hand “i would bet that is Not as nutritious” is a bit of a warning sign that the goalpost isn’t clear.

But I agree with David. I can also eat just as healthily for less money, though I wouldn’t say far less as David did. Here I’m judging ‘healthy’ to the best of my knowledge, using Cronometer and only entries with 76 micronutrient entries, and getting into the detail of ALA vs EPA/DHA and benefits of lutein/zeaxanthin.

More to the point, I do this. A third of my calories come from Huel, everything I eat is tracked on Cronometer and I have a weekly food budget tracked with Starling. It’d still take me ages to put together a paper for you, but I promise you, my non-Huel diet is cheaper. It took some optimising though, and this doesn’t mean Huel isn’t excellent value for money and an amazing product.


I think the (much much much debated) issue of ‘Huel is expensive’ is so dependant on an individuals circumstances that it’s almost not worth exploring.

For my requirements to exist solely off Huel would be considerably more expensive than even quite an extravagant whole food diet (that would provide all the same nutrition). However, replacing about half of my calories with Huel has actually proved slightly cheaper.

For the next person in the street the above might be entirely false so it’s impossible to compare really. I guess the answer to ‘Is Huel expensive’ is always going to come down to an individuals circumstances and we could all discuss it for weeks!