Actual benefits of huel?

Any actual proof huel is as good as is says ?

Not interested in people saying how they feel good now they drink huel, the mind is a powerful thing

Is there any actual proof out there that it is as great as it claims ?

Its been out for years now, whats happening with that £35k study to live on huel for a year ?..

What sort of proof would you like?

I’m sure the Huel team will let you know the results of the testing and how they can prove the contents of their product.

Good is quite a subjective term but my personal experience has been amazing. I was ill a few years ago and up until I started with Huel, I had trouble shifting that extra bit of weight.

For 7 or 8 months I’ve been having Huel for two meals a day. I’ve been able to make sure that I get the nutrients I need and control my calories. That last couple of stone has dropped off without changing anything else.

Here’s a before and after comparison:



At the end of the day, its oats, peas and some seeds with a multivitamin thrown in

How is eating that exact same thing every day meant to be the healthiest thing going ?

That is a great change

What is your age in both pictures

Not intended to offend but, going off your hair line, it seems those pictures would be years apart not months ?

It’s not meant to be. It’s about convenience and improving nutrition. Sure, a few people have gone all in with Huel, but most use it to replace either breakfast or lunch because compared to a lot of meals Huel is way more nutritious.

For example, as an office worker my lunch has long been a sandwich deal from Sainsburys (sandwich, crisps, can or pop). The nutritional profile of Huel is an obvious improvement on that. I also tended to skip breakfast, and snacked all morning becauae I was hungry. Now I don’t.

If you check the blog there’s been posts about blood tests and such that make for interesting reading, but there’s lots happening across the product category. A food scientist has just lived on joylent for 6 months (for example) doing blood tests throughout.


So it isnt meant to be the healthiest thing going, just a better choice than junk food ?

Thanks, and yep there’s a couple of years between those pics. I’m 40 now. Genetics, age and having children is catching up with me and my hairline.

At the beginning of this year I was just over 14 stone and now I’m just under 12 stone.

Which criteria would you use to define Healthiest and Best? What are you comparing this to? What are you looking for from Huel and what are your goals?

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That’s exactly the benefit of Huel for me too. I don’t see it as a superfood that will turn me into Ironman, just a quick convenience food that’s better than a £3 meal deal


Wow, excellent photos. The lighting makes it look like Huel turned you brown-eyed haha. Nice new glasses :slight_smile:

If you are looking for the “best” possible option you probably need to DIY because everyone has slightly different metabolism and rates of absorption. In terms of what you can get prepackaged, probably ambronite is using the highest quality sources of nutrition, and it shows in the price.

Huel is pretty good though, low GI, high protein, most nutrients from ‘whole’ food ingredients. Plus, afaik they are the only ones doing any studies, which is the reason I started buying from them in the first place.

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Wow, that’s an improvement. You do look much healthier.

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@archimedes may I ask what you are referring to when you are saying “as great as it claims”? Which claims I mean?


That’s what you took from my post? Have a look at Huel’s mission statement over here, it says exactly what the aim of Huel is:

To make nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimum impact on the environment and animals.

May I ask, why have you got such a downer on Huel, forgive me for being blunt but you seem outright hostile to the idea?

I think when i say “claims to be as great as it says” is based on this forum hyping it up

But now its being said its basically a better choice than junk food and faster

Where as i was under the impression it was superfuel for my body

As i mentioned i now see it for what it is, its just oats peas and seeds with a multivitamin…

Unless, as already stated you can show some studies showing health improvements from using huel?

What is happening with the £35k year long huel study that was advertised and closed ages ago ?

Huel is just food. And the ingredients are listed on it.

There are many studies showing that a better diet will lead to health improvements, and consuming the food listed in Huel’s ingredients is a better diet than most eat.

There is no strange bro-science or magic going on.


Exactly, its just food

Its oats, peas and some seeds lol

I was under the impression, as ive already said, it will be some super fuel for my body, thats what i took away from this forum.

But if that isnt the case, then what is this hype about oats peas and seeds blended up with a multi vitamin ?

Why is there even hype if thats all it is, is my question

Which is why im asking for some kind of study to shown this product actually has some benefits and is worth buying

It seems to me that you are making up something to be bothered by, and then getting bothered by it.

Huel are very open and honest about what their product is. Many people have found that it has improved their lives by being a convenient way to eat more healthily. That’s it.

There is no such thing as a super fuel for your body. That is a good, nutritionally complete diet, which Huel can be a convenient part of.

It sounds like it may not be for you, which is fine. But there is no big secret here.


Making up something to be bothered about ?

I simply want to know if huel has any actual health benefits, what is your problem with that

They cant simply be bagging up oats peas and seeds and selling it for £45 a bag ?

Surely there are some health benefits to using huel ?

Otherwise everyone would just continue to eat tasty food ?

Well James took a degree in nutritional science, and spent a good number of years using that knowledge to advise people on eating habits. Then in 2014 Julian commissioned James to find the foods and ratios for a nutritionally complete powder meal. Then they started "bagging up oats peas and seeds and selling it for " £22.50 pound a bag. :slight_smile: Your maths is wrong, but otherwise yes.

It works out at £1.33 a meal, if purchased in bulk. Its worth buying if you want to eat it.