How about feeding 'the world'?


I really like the concept of your Huel powder, but as a full-time student I try to stay below €40 per week on food, and since I’m also an avid sporter I usually require more than 2000 calories a day. This means Huel is too expensive for me (and most students) to use to its fullest potential. Do you have any plans of bringing down the pricing?

I love that you are immediately making your products eco-friendly and all, but maybe it’s a good idea to look at designing a cheaper product line that is meant to provide only the absolute basics of healthy nutrition? This way you could bring down the pricing and reach a larger audience. This would also enforce your vision of feeding ‘the world’, since the pricing of Huel still seems a bit elite.

With ‘the absolute basics of healthy nutrition’ I mean protein, fats and vitamins, since carbs are easily available at low prices. I’m not an expert on this topic, but the way I see it you can only reach people at poverty level by making a Huel product that is meant as a minimal nutritional baseline that can be added to a simple and cheap diet instead of a full meal replacement.

Please let me know what you think, I love to discuss these topics. To be clear I really think you’re going in the right direction, I just think it’s important to keep optimising your products.

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Huel works out at like £1.35 per meal. I can’t see any other way of getting that same amount of nutrition for that cheap?

It might seem like a big bill upfront, but it definitely saves money over several months when you cut out takeaway etc. Plus, it’s better than living on pasta and rice.

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Well Swedish prices are about 20% higher than UK prices and I wish to know why, this seems highly unfair and makes it much more expensive obviously

Exchange rate?

I highly doubt it. I buy things from other UK sites without this issue

Short of mixing your own DIY recipe, it’s extremely difficult to get nutrition equal to Huel for a cheaper price.


Thanks for the message. Here are my thoughts:

What I would suggest is that you won’t end up using Huel as much as you suggest here. Rather just for breakfast and lunch. Not many eat Huel 100% straight off the bat.

We truly think we’ve got the right balance here. Huel costs between £1.31 and £1.61 per 500kcal for something that is not only completely balanced and nutritious but also tastes good and takes 30 seconds to prepare. I appreciate we all want the best value but I don’t see us sacrificing the quality of even some of the nutrition to bring the price down. This would involve cheap carbs, generic vitamin and mineral blend and a poor fatty acid profile.

When we started out Huel cost £2 per 500kcal, so things are going in the right direction despite the cost of our raw ingredients going up.

Thanks a lot. We’re doing our best and genuinely think we have the right balance of cost and nutrition. We are absolutely always looking at reducing the price but this would come from further negotiations with suppliers, optimising supply chain and other logistical elements - not creating an inferior product.

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