Price forecast for Huel?

I’ve been using Huel for about 3 months now and absolutely love it. I’m using it to replace roughly 500-750 calories of my daily diet (average) but looking to increase that in the future.

I was just wondering if Huel had a roadmap/forecast/predictions on its pricing in the future. Like with most products, I can imagine Huel becomes exponentially cheaper as more of it is produced. What is the current trend for price/production and how much cheaper can we expect Huel to become in the future?

Just to add, I take no issue with Huel’s current pricing, although replaced 100% of my diet with Huel wouldn’t not be affordable right now. I buy in max bulk and recurring, so I’m already getting it as cheap as possible.


We try and keep Huel at the lowest price it can be but obviously we need to balance that with using high quality ingredients and since Huel is currently a relatively small company we don’t get discounts for ordering our ingredients in bulk. Remember this is also highly convenient way to get your nutrition.

As we grow as a company we will certainly lower the price; when we started out Huel cost £2.00 for 500kcal, it now costs £1.33. So we are moving in the right direction.


You’d be surprised how affordable it actually is… I spend my £150 per month on Huel and £2 a week on whole milk, it works out so much cheaper that what I was previously spending on lunch at work, takeaway on the weekends, ingredients for dinner etc. It’s actually very good value!

What other meals fo you have costing less than £1.40?

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I’m in a house share with 3 other people and we whip up some really good meals which work out slightly cheaper by the end of the month. To be honest, I had actually done my sums wrong and had somehow come to the conclusion that Huel was ~£1.90 per 500 calories, despite it being a relatively easy sum plus the information being clearly displayed on the website :stuck_out_tongue:

Ultimately, I was more interested in future prices and getting the information on how much it used to cost compared to todays prices (i havent been using Huel for long), and the information shows a lot of promise for the future. I’m looking forward to food not being such a large portion of my monthly income.


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I would be very interested if the Huel team have any forecasts in relation to how brexit may influence pricing.

I watched the channel 4 dispatches on food shopping price increases (and smaller item’s) and it looks like this is happening already. Wonder if any of the fallout will affect Huel.