I don’t quite understand the pricing of the product. It shows as “xx meals” but it seems meal size can vary, so… how many meals would 2000 calories a day be? I am trying to figure out the pricing. Thanks

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Depends how you like Huel. Generally speaking most people go for either of these…

4 x 125g (500kcal per meal)
5 * 100g (400kcal per meal)

That’s what’s recommended on the pack. I opt for four meals of 125g, works out as £1.47 per meal.

Thank you. I’m using JimmyJoy right now (only one ive tried) which is a lot cheaper, however I don’t fancy the maltodextrine they’re using (especially coming as 2nd ingredient)… so I am considering trying Huel. I wonder if I will like the taste. The contents seems a lot better though, less crap lol

Absolutely, a meal can be as big or small as you like. We are classing 500kcal as a meal and you can see the breakdown on the product page. Just to save you sitting there and doing the maths!