Ideal lunch replacement

About a year ago I was trying to save money so decided to stop buying lunch near work and instead take my own in. However I quickly discovered that doing packed lunch cheaply often meant sandwiches and crisps rather than the salads or sushi I’d previously bought at great expense. So I had a choice of saving money or eating healthily. Or so I thought - then I discovered Huel.

Buying lunch used to cost about £6 per meal. Taking in lunch used to cost between £1-3 per meal but was often unhealthy and didn’t fill me up. But Huel costs less than £2 per meal and it fills me up until the evening - which I was surprised about. So it did well on the saving money front, but what about health/weight?

Another reason I started Huel was to try to lose weight for my wedding. I’ve been using it for nearly a year and lost 5-6kg (before I then also increased exercise), and it’s been a sustained loss by maintaining Huel as my lunch most weekdays.

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Well done you! Over £2000 saved and an amazing sustainable weight loss too! When are you getting married? Have you had to postpone because of covid?

Thank you! As I only use it for weekday lunch times I suspect it’s about £1,500 saved but that’s still really great and I hadn’t thought of it that way before! We were due to get married this October but decided to move it to next year because of all the restrictions.

I would agree that Huel for lunch saves money. My overall food expenditure is literally 50%less (per month). However I use Huel 3x per day at work and 1x per day on my days off. My motivation for Huel was convenience and a secondary effect has been a decrease in food expenditure.