Weight Loss Diary - Huel and MFP

I started using Huel just before Chirstmas (not good timing), with the hope of using it in the new year to substitute lunches, a common meal for which I would usually eat badly and spend £££!

Having Huel for lunch was okay, not ideal. I couldn’t quite work it out as to why it wasn’t filling me up and I was still craving a big meal post lunch.

About a week ago, I made the switch to breakfast and this has made the world of difference. This is because I was craving savoury foods for lunch that the sweet Huel (vanilla) just wasn’t satisfying.

I decided to come up with a new plan of action, creating a strict per-day calorie goal of 1200 and logging everything via MyFitnessPal. Before anybody says, I know this is low but I need quick results and having a low goal is something to aim for and it allows me some wiggle room if things don’t go so well on a particular day.

As of Monday 11th March 2019:

2 scoops of Huel with 500mm water and 100g of frozen blueberries + a teaspoon of honey - 375 cal

Lean chicken breast and veg or (I know it’s not the healthiest) a pot based noodle lunch (like Naked Noodle or Kabuto), NOT an actual Pot Noodle! - 400 cal

Anything to make up the rest of my 425-500 call allowance. Tends to be turkey mince, veg curry or similar

So far, just under 2 weeks in and 6lbs down, finding it all very easy indeed!

The main reason, I think, is the switch from lunch to breakfast. I drink Huel very slowly, some say this is wrong, from probably 9am-11am. This works very well as satisfying hunger throughout the morning and allows me to keep going until lunch without the need for additional foods.

I will keep a log on here for my records and try and update weekly.

Monday 11th March 2019: 14st 7lb
Friday 22nd March 2019: 14st 1lb


Looking good so far! Good luck!

I’ve been using Huel since January and never really considered the savings. When I look back over my previous bank statements there’s like 3-4 trips per week to supermarkets at lunch time adding up to £5-10 each day! This is even when I ‘planned’ lunches into the weekly shop! Some people obvs are more money savvy but Huel really is saving me £100+ per month so in a way…if you look at it from an interesting angle…its paying for itself…maybe! :rofl:

The advice I can give you is not to feel demotivated if you believe you “fail”. Nutrition changes it over the long term, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Everything that has “fast” results is not sustainable and this is what makes the difference: you don’t have to look for the best in the shortest time but a change that you can make continuous and enjoyable.

I personally also find Huel much more “useful” for breakfast but I think it depends on lifestyles.

Many thanks Jay.

I couldn’t agree more, those trips to convenience supermarkets (don’t even get me started on coffee shop lunches!) soon add up!

With that mindset, Huel is ridiculously cost effective!

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Cheers! Yes I agree long term is best but I have a holiday coming up so need a boost! Hopefully this will teach me good methods for food prep outside of Huel too!