2 Months on Huel

Hi all,

I’ve done 2 months on Huel now, minus 1 week where I was on residential training with work and ate hotel food all week!

Started on it to:

  1. Lose a bit of weight
  2. Save money
  3. Save time

All objectives has been met! Lost the weight I wanted to in 4 weeks, and have upped my intake since then and stayed at a similar weight ever since. I replaced breakfast and lunch but only at work. Weekends and evenings I eat what I want within reason.

Saved a fortune, as it’s worked out at £25 per month or so. I was spending that in a week at the office canteen before. This is because I have 50 gram meals. That gets me through to dinner where I usually like to have a bit more food. I really struggle to get over 2000 calories even if I stuff myself in the evening, which has meant no weight gain.

Time wise, it takes me 5 minutes to measure it out and make it in the evening, and 30 seconds to wash it up! No rigorous planning I don’t have time for. For this reason, it’s been very easy to stick to, and I’ve just ordered my second batch.

All round, a great success. Very easy to manage your weight. It’s by no means a “weight loss” product, it’s more of a control product. You know roughly what you burn per day, so you can easily work out how much product you need. Not only that, but you’re getting access to V&Ms that most people don’t get unless they supplement.

All round a fantastic product. Only draw back for me is the taste. Getting very bored of it even with the sachets. Perhaps savoury ones would be better. But if I’m honest, breakfast and lunch are needs must for me. Not particularly bothered what it tastes like, just need the energy it provides. In the evening, that’s a different story and I could not go 100% Huel.

I like the look of the bars, but the cost is a bit too much for me if I wanted one a day. Fully appreciate the cost isn’t high though in the grand scheme.

Would also like to learn some different ways of using Huel. Perhaps cooking it into a pancake or something! Just for the change up.

Either way, hope everyone is getting on alright with it!